So, what is “Praise Walker” all about, anyway?

This blog is about moving forward physically and spiritually. Our lives are busy and hectic. We rarely have time to breathe, let alone exercise and meditate. But what if exercise could be our meditation and we could, as it were, “kill two birds with one stone”? What if we could find our spiritual centre, create more physical energy, lose those extra pounds, and discover God all at the same time?

Do note, however, that this is NOT about me having all the answers! I’m not so stupid as to think that any of this is a formula. Think of this as simply a tool to keep “nudging” you until you find what works in your life. I hope you’ll also see it as a place to share your own ideas for the rest of us to try!


What if, while we’re getting physically fit and spiritually fit, we are designing a lifestyle of freedom, adventure, challenge, and fulfillment?

This is the journey I’m on, and this “PraiseWalker” blog is where I journal my experiences, share what has worked for me, explore options, and, hopefully, engage others in the conversation.

If you want to find out more about me and what I’m in to, check out www.darlenehull.com

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