Celebrating the Psalter

Jun 04

Celebrating the Psalter

These days, my memory works about as well as a used teabag; weak and in desperate need of a sugar kick! In fact, getting all the way to the end of a single sentence without forgetting what I’m talking about is almost like hearding tea leaves into said tea bag.  Something must be done.

I’ve always been fascinated by memory – probably because it feels like such a rare and elusive treasure. And me without a map. I have spent a great deal of time researching, studying, and practising the art of retaining knowledge and thoughts in order to bring them up on cue when needed.  Retaining the memories is easy.  Finding those thoughts that are buried like a kid’s boot in a mud puddle is the hard part.  Apparently this takes practice.  LOTS and LOTS of practice.

The Quest

So now a quest has begun to find a way to dig those boots out of the mud without leaving tracks on the clean shiny parts of my grey matter.

As a Christian, I like the idea of being able to recite scripture at will, and with the same speed and efficiency as a hot knife through butter. I believe that having a solid catalogue of ready scripture helps you stay grounded, gives wisdom when you need it, and ready scripture might even be able to bring forth the patience of Job, on demand! Scripture also has fantastic ways of expressing joy and rapture – like spreading said butter on a warm cinnamon bun!

Those of you who know me, and come on, it’s OK to admit you know me, have watched with mouth agape as I’ve embarked on life-altering challenges.  These ranged from starting a new business adventure, entering into the world of head covering, or willing that one lonely cupcake to stay on the plate instead of leaping with wild abandon into my mouth.  You may have also seen these challenges fizzle faster than a wet firecracker in a bag of compost.  It always goes back to the predictable theme of my pushing too hard too fast, too soon. (though this does have its advantages when birthing…)

My new quest is spiritual in nature, and to keep me on track – and going SLOWLY – I invited some friends to join me in a challenge of memorizing the 10 shortest Psalms, one Psalm a week and see where this takes us.  The longest of these Psalms is only 5 verses, and some of those verses are quite short – like “Praise the Lord”.  Many of them are also repetitive, so I think this is quite manageable. The kids already think I sound like a broken record, so this will be nothing new to them.

My companions and I started by reading through Psalm 117 five times every day for one week, then memorizing one verse every three days, and then review.  Psalm 117, the shortest book in the Bible, has only two verses:  Praise the lord, all you nations. Praise him, all you people of the earth.  For his unfailing love for us is powerful; the Lord’s faithfulness endures forever. Praise the Lord!

We’ve also now completed Psalm 134, and are currently memorizing  Psalm 131.  So far so good.

It is Doable!

I think this is doable – but then again, I also thought starting a social media empire from my home on odd days and even months was possible, too!

But there’s more fun to come…stay tuned!


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