Unexpected Blessings

Apr 09

Unexpected Blessings

You plan, you prepare, you schedule, and you await the unexpected.

I love a schedule.  I love checking off my to-do list and accomplishing great things with my day.  I wake up in the morning with a clear picture of how I want the day to run, and how I want to make that happen.  It’s programmed into my DNA.

When my kids were small I used to hate having them “interrupt” me.  There was a time when I could get quite angry if they messed up my schedule. I quickly learned to think of my kids as my “schedule” and everything else as the interruption.  That worked much better.

However, now that my kids are grown, functioning adults, I’ve carried that same mindset into my work.  My work is my “job” and everything else (housework, cooking, meeting with friends) is an interruption.  I’m working on shifting my thinking again to realize there is no such thing as an interruption.  It’s all just life, and while plans are good, flexibility is necessary.

Take yesterday.

I started out with alarms working (OH. MY. GOODNESS! – see my post here: “And the Alarm Clock Conspiracy Continues…” if you don’t understand the magnitude of that statement) except for 2 phantom alarms that go off from some app that no longer seems to reside on my phone.  We’ll work on that another day.

My plans for yesterday were to write a blog post for my business blog, continue to move forward with a LinkedIn project I’m working on, do some social media training with a course I’m taking, wrap up the last minute preparations for a workshop I was teaching in the evening, prep for a strategy meeting I’m running tomorrow for a financial company, and get some projects finalized in my project management system.  I was excited to be home all day, “uninterrupted” to get this completed.

I left the house at 5:25 am for my morning walk with my walking buddy.  By 6:00am my day’s plans were in the tank.  My friend tripped and fell, and we ended up taking an ambulance ride to the hospital (she’s going to be fine, thankfully, but she looks like she got hit by a truck, poor thing). I got home at 11:30.  That’s usually when I break for lunch, so I had lunch with my daughter, got out of my walking clothes and dressed for the day, received a phone call from a friend who urgently needed a quick task done on her website, discovered a friend who has been absent (and possibly suffering) for a year finally showed up on FB so we booked an impromptu Skype call, and then at 3:30 I was able to look over my notes for the evening workshop, and saw they needed some revision.  I worked on those until 5:30pm, grabbed a protein bar, dressed and packed for the workshop, and then stopped briefly to breathe deeply and slowly sip a cup of tea, and then I was out the door.

A day not exactly to plan, but it was a great and powerful day just the same. I noticed I had no frustration or anger over the “interruptions”.  I was able to simply move with the flow and be present.

Yep, we’ve come a long way, baby! There’s hope for all of us!


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