The Gentle Art of Self Care

Mar 24

The Gentle Art of Self Care

Self-care is one of my big challenges As a solo-preneur, it’s not unusual that I work 6 days a week.  Sometimes 7, though I try to avoid that. The nature of my business is that I need to take work when it comes, and often it comes all at once.

Last week I had 3 workshops, a webinar, a coaching session and a full afternoon strategy session with a non-profit.  That’s on top of actually doing social media.  12 hour days were the norm. All thoughts of my fitness/health routines went out the door, and I was simply operating on survival mode. When the weekend hit I decided I’d be nice to myself.  I turned off my morning alarm (though my habits still got me up very early!), had no schedule or goals for the weekend (SO rare) and allowed myself the freedom to do whatever took my fancy.  I did do some work, but I did little projects that were fun for me.  I spent time just sitting with a cup of tea.  I read some books.  In fact I even bought some new books with a wonderfully generous gift card I received last week for doing a workshop for a business group in Cochrane:


There is no better self-care practice for me than just sitting with a good book and a cup of tea!

One of the books I purchased (My Utmost for His Highest)  is becoming my new morning devotional. I find I can read a devotional without too much stress or need for perfectionism, and this one is quite short and pithy.  Love that.  This is allowing me to add self-care to my devotional life now.

I’m also most of the way through The 5 Choices: The Path to Extraordinary Productivity which I’m also finding very helpful without pushing my perfectionist buttons.  On top of that I’ve moved to the next volume in the series on King Arthur that I’m reading: Pendragon (The Pendragon Cycle).  Really enjoying those books.  My weekend was wonderful – truly productive with the little projects I was working on, but also fully relaxing, shopping with my best beloved for great books (and having Chapters give me a $30 gift card for spending $100 with a gift card – woohoo!)

On Monday I started my new and kinder practice for health and weight loss based on the The Four-Day Win: End Your Diet War and Achieve Thinner Peace which is simply drink my water in the morning, walk 15 minutes, and try to eat 100 calories less than normal.  On Monday I did my water and my 15 minute walk, and then was invited out for a walk with a friend and we did 5k.  We did another 5k today and when I got back  home the dog we’re looking after also wanted to go for a walk, so I went for another quick spin around the block.

And while I was going through all this, the thought occured to me that this self-care thing might also mean just being OK with who I am, even if I never change.  I decided to accept that; to take that on, while still moving towards a healthier lifestyle.  I feel 20lbs lighter just thinking about that!  Hahaha!

Ah yes, there is hope for me yet.


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