Staying On Track- Extreme Productivity

Mar 12

Staying On Track- Extreme Productivity

I am fascinated by technology. My husband and son have a challenge going to see how many pieces of technology they can get me addicted to at the same time. I have a cell phone, a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0* tablet, a Samsung Gear Fit watch, a solar charger, wireless sleephones through which I play brain entrainment recordings, and then, of course, my office set-up of computers and the like. On top of that, my own passion with technology has me working with different systems and apps to keep my life running smoothly – I’m a total nut for productivity, and when you combine productivity with technology you have magic. Pure and simple.

Not only do I have these technological wonders, I have a bit of a system for how they’re used. When everything is charged up and functioning, things work really well in my life. I am a creature of habit because it creates a sense of deep peace and rhythm for me. I have ADD so my brain is a mess of multiple layers of steady chatter and distraction. My technology and routines help me stay clear. When one piece falls out due to lack of power or a malfunction I break out into a cold sweat and start panicking (well, mostly I just get mad!)

Let me give you an example of my day:

I’m not one of those people who handles an alarm clock very well. They make me incredibly grumpy, and trust me, you don’t want that. So I have this non-invasive system where 45 minutes before I need to get up a lovely, gentle, brain wave entrainement recording starts playing. It’s soothing ocean sounds and gentle gongs played over isochronic and binaural brainwave technology called “Holosync“. After 30 minutes the track changes to a similar, 15 minute, gentle, ocean waves recording that slowly brings me into an alert waking state. This recording stops at the time I’m supposed to be getting up, and a gentle tone starts playing so I realize it’s time to move, but by then I’m already awake. It’s a delicious, healing way to start the day. Morning starts for me a 4:20 – that’s when I actually get out of bed.

I get up, get my water, and Google Now reminds me of the newest addition/change to my fitness routine. I start up my computer, check my day’s events on my Google Calendar, skim quickly through my Gmail to make sure there are no emergencies, and check my daily to-do list on Trello*. At 4:45 I whip up a protein shake, swallow my vitamins, go down to the basement, do my 4-minute workout with my Gymboss app, go to the treadmill, and start my audio book, plug in my headphones, turn on my Blu Light, and start the treadmill and my Nike Run app and do my walking workout.

When I come up at 5:45 it’s another glass of water, my blog writing, setting up my first priority project, and I get to work. At 8:00 I am reminded by my phone alarm that I need to now get dressed, do my general tidying, and then follow my housekeeping app for today’s chores. Breakfast (a fruit/protein smoothie) is at 8:50 and I’m back at my desk by 9:00 with another glass of water and a cup of tea.

Throughout the day I have calendar alerts, alarms, and apps that I integrate with to get my tasks done. My work is social media, and I am completely handicapped when it comes to handling paper, so we are a totally paperless company. I spend my whole day with technology: Google Drive, Google Calendar, Evernote*, a Pomodoro Timer so I don’t sit still too long and to keep me at my highest focus level. I take Brain Gym breaks using a YouTube video, and I work to specialized music either from Focus@Will or with another Holosync recording if I have high detail work. I don’t answer the phone unless it’s a client.  I have a message on my phone that lets people know I’ll call them back at 11am and 4pm.  Introductory/exploratory calls from networking connections, and other people who want to find out more about what we offer or how we can work together are booked through Time Trade that requires a set of questions to be answered before the call so that our time together is useful and beneficial to both sides. I shut down Facebook (unless I’m actually working on Facebook) and any chat functions on my computer so I’m undisturbed.

Lunchtime is at 11:30 (by now I’ve put in 6 hour day) which is usually lunch accompanied by a TV show episode with whichever child is home, a 30 minute nap with a my Yantra Acupressure Mat* and a meditation recording based on my goals – and often in German to keep up my language skills. When my nap is done I’m off for a quick walk outside either with a friend or with my Pray-As-You-Go recording. I’m back in my office by 2:00pm and work until 4:30 or 5:00 when I start dinner. I tend to keep my evenings free for family time whenever possible.

Bedtime starts at 8:00pm where I read my current book from my tablet, plug in all my technology, strap on my sleepphones, check in on my morning alarms, turn on my bedtime playlist consisting of three holosync recordings to lull me to sleep, start my sleep tracker, pull on my Nikken sleep mask (got a really good deal on mine!), and fall – fairly instantly – to sleep.

This is a pretty standard day unless I have appointments – which happen often – and they just interrupt whatever part of the day’s schedule I’d normally be running. Every appointment has 3 alarms (I get easily distracted…) and when I’m out meeting clients or teaching workshops, I use my TaxBot tracker to keep everything organized from receipts to mileage.

You can see how important technology is to a properly functioning day!

Now of course, technology being technology, sometimes it malfunctions, and my dear phone has an issue with the charging port which often means I have a dead phone in the morning, and this can seriously hamper my day. But oh, when it’s all running smoothly…Ahhhh. Bliss.


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