So, who is this crazy chick?

Feb 25

So, who is this crazy chick?

There was a time when I blogged daily, 5 days a week, for years.  It’s been a long time since that was my pattern, and yet blogging is both important to my business and my personal growth.  Over the past couple of years I’ve struggled with getting it done, and I’ve worked myself into a place of perfectionism – it has to be “right”,  it has to be “profound”, it has to be “amazing”.

Well, if I wait for all that, nothing will happen.

This year I made two decisions to help me along.  I joined a writer’s group here in the city with some busy and struggling perfectionists like myself and then because even THAT wasn’t working for me, I joined Scott Dinsmore’s 7 Day Blog Challenge.  I’m three days late getting my act together, but I’m here.  Today’s challenge:  “Tell us about yourself“.

Many of you following my business or my PraiseWalker blog know very little about me, so you might even find this interesting!  Here goes…

I was born into a  great family, good Baptist stock, loving, compassionate parents, crazy siblings, lots of great adventures – most of them involved travel, music, or both.  I had trouble figuring out what to do with my life “when I grew up”, and I tried finding the answer in 5 different Universities over 4.5 years, but to no avail.  I then decided to try my hand at a job.

If it’s a legal business, I have probably done it, run it, or worked in it. I’ve been a hotel night auditor, sold used cars, run an answering service switchboard (back when they had plugs and we took messages on old computer cards…), assembled baby furniture, trained as a walking coach, and headed up the sales team for a national recording and production company. I was a music director for a Youth for Christ in Germany, I taught workshops, and seminars on a variety of topics internationally, trained and coached musicians and speakers in stage presence and communication, I worked as a simultaneous translator, and was a full-time singer doing as many as 130 concerts a year in Germany, France, Belgium and Switzerland.

The discovery of ADD at the age of 47 and extra time on my hands while unschooling my two kids, led me to pursue entrepreneurship, which I failed at – miserably – for 7 years. Slowly I  began to teach myself the skills of good marketing through the rise in popularity of social media. In this field in particular, I’ve gone from spammer to specialist and I’m now enjoying real success helping business owners experience the excitement of watching their social media come alive, bringing them new leads and sales. I’m the author of two books: “31 Days to Twitter Mastery” and my newest book “The Nectar Effect: How to be irresistible and attract what you want in your business”.

I’m also an avid walker, completing my first walking marathon in 2008.  A later bout of frostbite interrupted my regular walking schedule and I’ve been struggling ever since to get back in the walking habit, but now, I’m currently back on track. Who knows, maybe there’ll be another marathon in my future!

I enjoy an international lifestyle. Born in BC, I married a Belfast boy from Northern Ireland who I met in Germany. Tom and I were engaged in SF-6Holland, married in BC, and moved to the heart of the French alps where our two children, Simon and Tina, were born. I’m now happily planted with my family in Calgary where I’m building up HotSpot Social Media to be a location independent business that funds my passion for travel and exploration.

When I’m not out walking or working on my business, I read voraciously, laugh with my kids, snuggle with my hubby, and enjoy the blessings around me.

Tom and I are on the verge of the “empty nester” stage of our lives.  Not sure what that holds for us – hopefully a smaller house out in the mountains somewhere…and lots of travel!

If, for some crazy reason, you want MORE information, you can check out my website at




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