How to Read a Book – or Why I LOVE my Samsung Note8

Feb 16

How to Read a Book – or Why I LOVE my Samsung Note8

So a couple of months ago I got a Samsung Note8 tablet to replace my “this is just never going to work” Nexus7. Oh. My. Goodness. Do I love that tablet!

One of the things I love best about it is that it comes with a stylus that tucks neatly and securely into the side of the tablet itself. Awesome. There’s something wonderful about writing my journal by hand, and watching my sloppy handwriting magically turn into legible type in my Evernote app.

The stylus also lets you circle things on a website or in a book and save it as an image. So, if I’m reading a good book and see a quote I like, I circle it with the stylus, which “cuts it out” and then I can choose to send it somewhere or save it somewhere. I tend to send it to Evernote – my catch all for everything that’s interesting or important.

But even better, the Samsung allows you to multi-task by having two apps/screens open at the same time on the tablet, side by side. So, you could be writing a document and realize you need to post what you’re writing to Facebook, so you slide open a second window next to your document, with the Facebook app, and write away, without closing anything down.

This becomes magic when you’re reading a book. Here’s how: (just as an aside, Kindle isn’t one of the apps you can do this with natively on the Samsung, but my genius son has rooted the Samsung and installed “Wanam Exposed” which allows me to choose the apps that I want in this multi-page view.  This allows me to use the Kindle app for this)

So, here’s what my “reading” page looks like when I’m reading a book where I want to take notes:


This top part is the book itself.




The middle is my handwritten notes converted to text,


and the bottom is where I use my stylus to hand-write my notes.



As I mentioned, if I come across a passage that I want to keep verbatim without it needing to be copied by hand, I use the stylus to circle it, and it gets saved as an image like this:








I can then paste that into my Evernote notes like this:




This is a quote


These are hand-written notes, converted to text


This is another quote




Can you see how genius this is?  No more juggling a book and a notebook and a pen.  I simply read.  when something’s interesting I open the Multi-Page menu, drag Evernote to the bottom of the page, remove my stylus from it’s handy storage,  and start taking notes.  Nothing to juggle.

When I’m done the page of notes gets saved to Evernote, and it’s all searchable in case I want to fin anything in the notes I wrote.  I can go back in later and add more detail when I’m done, file it, tag it, and make it something truly useful.

This just makes my day!


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