Staying On Track

Jan 04

Staying On Track

Thought I’d check in and let you know how my habits plan is going.  I’m actually quite excited, because it’s going really well, and I’m already seeing some changes in how I look and feel.  As each day passes with each habit checked off I feel more and more like things will actually change this year.

Here’s where I am so far:

My first two habits were walking every morning and drinking 8 glasses of water.  I have found the daily walking to be a challenge for two reasons:

  1. It’s hard and I’m lazy
  2. Dogsitting a dog who barked as soon as someone moved in the house, which meant for the past week I couldn’t really get up early, and I find it hard to work it in later.  However, because of my desire to keep my streaks going I pushed myself.  Mostly I walked with the dog, but that’s not always terribly aerobic.  At least I walked.

This morning I’m back to the treadmill early in the morning, which works best for me.  I should mention that I walk to a recorded walking program that works perfectly for me, called “Power Promises” which is a 30 minute program that includes warm up, cool down, and 20 minutes or so at 5.5km/hr. I keep the same program, but increase the incline week by week as I feel ready.  With this program, I not only work my body, but I prepare myself for the day spiritually as it rehearses God’s promises with me as I walk.  Awesome.

Also, my kids got me a FitBit to track my fitness goals, so I’m now using it to track distance, steps, calories, water, my daily walk, and even my sleep.  I’m quite enjoying it.  There’s nothing like a new piece of fitness technology to keep me motivated!  Hahaha!

My results? I’ve walked 13 days in a row without fail, and I’ve done my water 11 days (I started it a little later than my walking)

This past week I’ve been focusing on two other habits: devotional Bible reading and declarative prayers.

For devotional Bible  reading I’m reading through the book of Proverbs every month and I then add in a shorter devotional from the Bible App.  Over Christmas I read through an Advent one and one on leadership. Currently I’m doing one from “My Utmost for His Highest.”  I’m loving it.

Declarative prayers are written prayers that I pray daily to retrain my mind and heart for the things of God.  For example, I pray this one every morning as I open myself to the favour of God: Prayer for Gods Favour.  Currently I have 5 of these prayers I pray through each morning.  So far I have a perfect score of 5 days in a row for both of these.

Next week I need to get really practical and start some housework!  Sigh.  So, again, we’re going to start small.  Every day I will make my bed and do a quick tidy of my room.  Not much, I know, but you’ve got to start somewhere.  I truly hate housework because it takes time that I’d rather spend doing something else.  However it must be done.  My family and I have already been working on other habits in the house, so this one is the one I’m going to choose this week. My second habit is daily “listening  journaling”which is where I journal as usual, but then take time to really listen to see if God has anything He is wanting to say to me, and I write that down.  I do all my journalling on Evernote.  That way I can attach my schedule, my training, and important events of the day to each day’s journal to get a more complete picture of my year.  In addition, everything is searchable, so if I’m looking for a specific event or a person’s name, or the date something happened, etc., I can find it.  I can also journal anytime, anywhere, on any of my devices.

So, to recap:

Old habits:

  1. Daily walk (13 days in a row so far)
  2. Hydration – 8, 8oz glasses per day (11 days in a row so far)

Current habits:

  1. Devotional Bible reading (5 days in a row so far)
  2. Declarative prayers (5 days in a row so far)

New habits (that start on Monday):

  1. Make my bed
  2. Listening Journaling

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