Sep 25


One of the things I’ve been noticing is that I’ve been allowing myself to get seriously dehydrated.  I’m not a huge fan of plain water.  I’m more of a tea person, myself.  In fact, I’ve been craving tea, but it’s probably just because I’m thirsty.

There are many debates about how much water you should drink.  I think a lot depends on your diet.  If your diet is mostly pastas, breads, meats, startches, etc, you’ll need more water than someone who’s got a very high intake of fruits and vegetables.  Your body is mostly water, so you do need a lot of water to keep yourself healthy, but too much can also cause hyponatremia because too much water washes out the minerals and electrolytes in your body.

Because I don’t function well without structure, the adage to “just drink when you’re thirsty” rule doesn’t work for me.  I need a checklist (yeah, I’m a little anal…) so I follow the 8 glasses a day rule, and I drink 16oz at a time.  I don’t gulp it all down at once – that can be hard on the kidneys – but I have a 16oz glass rather than an 8 oz glass, and I have an app that helps me keep track of how many glasses I’ve drunk.  I drink 8oz before I work out, 8 oz after.  Then I drink 16 oz while I’m doing my morning devotions, and another 16 oz during “Social Tea” which is when the kids and I gather in the living room to chat about our day and connect.  I also have a cup of hot tea and a fruit smoothie at that  time.

The final 16oz glass comes while I’m working at my desk in the morning.  That way I have my necessary water drunk before noon.  Then, to make sure I’m not about to cave with hyponatremia, I have two 16oz bottles I fill half  with cold green tea, and half with coconut water, which is a natural electrolyte drink that also has some mineral content.  I only get the coconut water that is JUST coconut water, rather than the sweetened stuff.  By the time I’ve drunk that, along with my daily 3 cups of tea, I’m pretty well hydrated, and having done this now for several days, I’m feeling much better.

How about you – what are your tricks and secrets for staying hydrated?



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