A Good Friend on a Long Walk

Apr 09

A Good Friend on a Long Walk

I have had the great blessing of finding a terrific walking partner who loves to do really long walks. These sorts of people are hard to find! When you add to the mix that this woman is also a fabulous conversationalist, you get someone who is a rare gift indeed.

I haven’t known her for long, and she and I are, in many ways, very different. However, throw a long walk, a happy dog, and a marathon goal into the mix, and somehow magic comes out the other side.

We train solo during the week, but on Sundays we get together and tackle the long walks. She and I each have beautiful walking trails very close by – one of the great benefits of living in Calgary! – and so we take turns meeting at each others’ homes, and walking each others’ walks. What a gift!

When you do walks together that are a minimum of 2.5 hours you get a wonderful opportunity to really reach into each other’s lives. Conversation gets past the superficial really quickly, and you discover unique jewels buried inside each other that rarely have the time to come out and sparkle in the sun.

As a social media manager, I’m very adept at building relationship online through the various platforms, both for personal and for business benefits. As an extreme introvert, I love having these tools at my disposal. Also, because of my introverted nature, I have loved walking on my own. However, this new situation with a great walking partner has been such a delightful surprise.

I write this to encourage you all to maybe stretch your comfort zone a little and find yourself a partner, a long trail, and a big goal. Who knows what you might discover! There is great joy in the companionship of a good friend on a long walk.


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  1. Darlene I have been walking 20-30 minutes about 4 days a week for a few years now, However just in the last 2 months I have made a new friend with whom I do longer walks about once a week(about 60-70 months for me at this point). We could talk on and on, but I only have so much stamina and time to spend out walking for now. The lengthy walks have deepened our discussions rather rapidly for a new friendship- as you mentioned the depth of your conversations on your long walks.


    admin Reply:

    So glad to hear that, Ruth! I was so surprised, as I really do like walking on my own. I said yes the first time more to be kind than out of desire to do it. SO glad I did. I can hardly wait for Sunday’s now! 🙂


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