Polyphasic Attempt Number 3

Mar 30

Polyphasic Attempt Number 3

I’ve discussed my desire to sleep Polyphasically in previous blog posts but as much as I want to do this, I struggle with my ability to actually throw myself out of my bed in the morning.

A few months ago I decided to try again. I started by simply setting my alarm every morning for 4:00 am and then just shutting it off. By the end of the month I was often just awake at that time. I then started getting up at 4:00, but alas, the comfort of my bed hypnotized me with its soothing warmth and I struggled. Some days were successful, most were not.

But, again, because of the fact that my friend is training with me for the marathon, and the ONLY way I’ll find training time is by getting up early, I’ve been mostly successful these past two weeks. I took Friday-Sunday off last week as I was simply shattered, but otherwise I got up faithfully.

This means that currently I’m getting 6 hours of sleep per night (bedtime is a STRICT 10:00pm). I’m wanting to add some stretching and weight training to my schedule, so my next step (in two month’s time) is to wake up at 2:30 giving me a 4.5 hour night. This would enable the other training and still allow me to complete my walking training in the morning.

So far so good. I’m tired, but I’m always tired, so no biggie. I do two 20-minute naps faithfully every day using my Yantra Mat and pillow (which – after getting accustomed to the initial discomfort) creates such a deep sense of relaxation in combination with my Pzizz app on my iPod, that I wake up feeling like I’ve had a long sleep.

There’s still a long adjustment period ahead of me, but so far so good. I realize 6 hours is still a decent length of sleep but for this 9-hour a night person it’s still been a bit of a shock. Hopefully with the healing of my thyroid issues this will become less and less of a problem.

Do you sleep polyphasically? Have you tried it in the past? What were/are your experiences? Do you have any great tips for me? Please share them below!


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