Feb 15


When you struggle with something for a very long time, and keep hearing “there’s nothing wrong”, and then you hear from someone that yes, indeed, something is seriously wrong, you feel so validated.

That’s what happened to me on Monday.

For years (like about 30) I’ve struggled with debilitating fatigue. It’s not CFS, and my thyroid and iron levels keep coming back as normal. Doctors keep trying to prescribe anti-depressants (I’ve tried 6, each of which has “increases drowsiness and fatigue” as a contraindication!!) or tell me to take a walk as if I’m just feeling “off”. There are days, however, when just looking at the length of the hallway from my bedroom to the stairs (about 12 ft) is enough to overwhelm me.

My “tough genetic stock” and the years of dealing with it make me just take a deep breath and push through, still able to accomplish a reasonable amount of stuff, but there have been days when I just can’t take the level of fatigue and want to spend the week in bed. Not that extra sleep helps or anything -wish it did!

I’ve been participating in a nutritional research group. They start with a very thorough blood test. Mine came back with a high reverse T3 level when measuring my thyroid function (something my allopathic doctors have missed every single time). Normal is between 11 and 23. Mine is 57, and the doctor’s comment was “I’ve never seen levels this high”. Finally, someone recognizes that something’s wrong. This condition is called “Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome” which, in my case, not only indicates a malfunctioning thyroid, but probably indicates that my adrenal glands are blitzed.

This whole thing explains not only my fatigue, and the fact that I am constantly forgetting what I’m talking about in the middle of a sentence, but it also explains why I cannot lose weight or why Tom keeps saying things like “How can someone this cold still be alive?!”

Because of the other levels it’s apparently a little tricky to fix, but we’re starting on some iodine treatment and looking into things like something called “Wilson’s Protocol” which I don’t understand yet. The Doctor is also suggesting a gluten free diet for 3 months, and recommends the book The Wheat Belly*. I also found this: The Fresh 20 – Meal Plans for Busy Families which I might try.

What a gift. Nothing’s fixed yet, but I feel so hopeful that things could be different. When I see what I can accomplish with this level of fatigue, I’m a little nervous about what I’ll get done when it’s all over, hahaha!

Heck, I might even find the energy to clean house (but don’t hold your breath!)


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