Learning to Breathe Again

May 31

Learning to Breathe Again

Well, the last few months have been wild. Too much on my plate, and that sense of panic that I’m not going to get it all done has forced me to constantly push my workout to the side.

Not good. It’s my workout that gives me the energy I need to get everything else done!

We’ve nixed the HotSpot Promotion angst by narrowing our focus even smaller to something that is highly effective and easy to keep up with. Not only are we still just focusing on the “little guy” (home/small business) but our main emphasis is on Appreciation Marketing, which is something I love, and am developing to a true art form! 🙂 That has removed a lot of stress and peripheral tasks from our business, and should make what we offer even more effective.

Also, I spent the day reading yesterday. Some very helpful stuff which I’ll share a little later, and it’s helping me to find the time that’s just not there these days. I’m quite excited to put that into practice too!

These two changes mean that I’m back to focusing on my workout in a way that is not causing any stress. For this week only I’m simply doing a half hour of slow walking on the treadmill, focusing on perfecting my 15 minute warm-up and 15 minute cool-down procedure with the high-efficiency breathing exercises (I add another 5 minutes on to the end of the warm up and beginning of the cool down doing 4 beats of breathing in, completely filling my lungs, and 4 beats of “whooshing” the air out, completely emptying my lungs.) This is enabling me to start my day with my blood pumping and my brain clear!

Things are going to be happening over the next few months that will bring a huge change to my lifestyle, and so I’ll be keeping you posted here.

Kinda excited, really…


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