A Perfect Daily Jumpstart!

Feb 22

A Perfect Daily Jumpstart!

I love having the opportunity of sharing resources that I think will bless, strengthen, and otherwise help others. One of the joys of doing this “PraiseWalker” blog is that I get to meet others who think the same way. Today I want to re-introduce you to a fellow fitness colleague of mine: Laurette Willis of PraiseMoves. The main focus of Laurette’s ministry is a “Christian Alternative to Yoga“. I’ve used many of her programs, and I find them all really inspiring!

Well, Laurette has come out with something new, that’s right up my alley! It’s a walking program called “Power Promises“. I picked up a copy to see what it was about, and I must say she’s done a great job!

Power Promises is a 30 minute “walk” that you can do outside, on a treadmill, on an elliptical, or simply in place on your living room floor! It starts with a short warm-up to instrumental praise music (My Hope is Built on Nothing Less), then you get a workout section of about 20 minutes to techno-pop style music, and then a cool down with instrumental praise (Blessed Assurance). Throughout the whole program Laurette is in the background reading scriptures and scriptural affirmations. You come away from the program refreshed in body, mind, and spirit. Very cool.

Best part? About half way through she talks about worry, and makes the comment “Worry is meditating on the Devil’s thoughts – Why would I want to do that?!” What a wonderful line! I will remember that next time I panic…

So, down to detail – what specifically do I like and not like?

Here is the very short list of things I don’t like:

  • I’d rather have praise music – or something else more inspiring – in the background of the workout part. I found the particular techno music track a little off-putting after the refreshing warm up.
  • Sometimes the mix was a little off, and an individual word or two got lost. She’s reading from a different translation than I usually use (NKJ?) and so the specific wording wasn’t as familiar to me, and I didn’t catch all the words

Ok now here’s what I love!!

  • wonderful selection of scripture, well read, and well presented. You come away truly strengthened in spirit.
  • The workout is appropriate for everyone. The maximum speed according to my treadmill was about 4.5km/hr which is a great speed – not so fast that it could be dangerous, but not so slow that you get bored. It’s also worth about 3800 steps, which is a good chunk of your daily 10,000 step requirement – not a bad way to start the day!
  • Laurette has a lovely voice and reads with expression, passion, and clarity. No grating nasal or harsh tone to her voice! She has a neutral accent, and a very pleasant timbre. Quite soothing while still being stimulating and encouraging – no mean feat!
  • Laurette reads at a pace that is comfortable for listening/meditation, but is also perfect for repeating along with her, to declare the affirmations aloud over your own life. I like that
  • The program is a downloadable mp3 (so there’s no waiting!) and comes with an ebook of all the scriptures (so you can read along if you like, which eliminates the issue above with losing words…) and a workbook to help you really claim the scriptures for yourself and apply them to your day and life. It also comes with daily video encouragement where Laurette goes over the scriptures on video that you work on in your workbook. Again, nicely done.
  • The price (currently a paltry $17, but regularly a very respectable $27) is a definite value for money!

All in all, a wonderful program, definitely worth the money at either price, and I can’t think of a better way to jumpstart your day! In fact, I’m thinking of using it as my daily warm-up!

So, head on over to Laurette’s site, pick up a copy, and let her know I sent you.

Oh, and just so we’re clear, I paid for the program myself, and am doing this review on my own initiative because I believe in what Laurette’s doing. I get no remuneration – monetary or otherwise – for posting this. I’m just a firm believer in non-competition business practice. If there’s something out there worth seeing, even if it’s going to support a “competitor”, I want to let you know!

Happy walking!


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* Any link with an asterisk (*) denotes an affiliate link or a source with some kind of payback for me.
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