Weight Loss and Slow Carb V

Feb 02

Weight Loss and Slow Carb V

So, we’ve been at this slow carb thing for 4 weeks, with negligible results – or at least not the kinds of results that were typical in Tim Ferriss’ The 4-Hour Body book from which I’ve taken it.

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Now, to be fair to the book, let me comment that my original copies, and the ones from which I got my information, were the abridged audio book from Audible, and the unabridged Kindle version which I read on my iPod, before I got my wonderful Kindle. This is not the kind of information that is easily assimilated from an audio book, and reading a 500 page book on an iPod touch is also a bit of a challenge!

SO, I received a box of autographed hard-cover copies of the book (4 of which I’m giving away on my blog here – watch for it) and sat down with the book again, and poured over the finer details of this program.

Tim Ferriss not only presents the basic program in his book in the chapter “The Slow- Carb Diet I: How to Lose 20 Pounds in 30 Days Without Exercise” but he expands on that basic program in the chapter “The Slow-Carb Diet II: The Finer Points and Common Questions”. Taken together, I saw some key elements that were missing from what I was doing in my attempts at the slow carb diet.

There are also two more chapters that have to do with fat loss: “Damage Control: Preventing Fat Gain When You Binge” about coping well with the one day a week that you can eat whatever you want, and “The Four Horsemen of Fat-Loss” which deals with other “fun” ways to increase your fat loss, and I’ll deal with these chapters in later posts.

So, after reading/skimming/extracting information from these chapters, I created a bit of a “cheat sheet” that I’ve put in various places (iPod, Kindle, Fridge) that will help me stay on track a little better.

However, I’m also realizing that there can be too much of a good thing!

In addition to working through the Slow Carb Diet, I am also finishing up a 3-week partial fast as part of my prayer experiment (and as you may or may not know, fasting slows your metabolism if it’s conducted over a longer period of time) so my results may be hampered by that, as well. The prayer program also requires a 2.5 hour prayer session beginning at midnight every night, so I’m also suffering from pretty serious sleep deprivation, which I’m trying to work through. That being said, I’m putting aside the Slow Carb thing until I finish this fast (Saturday night) and then we’ll start again on Monday. I’m also still in the middle of my experiment with changing my unconscious body-weight set-point. That last one’s been a bit difficult with my iPod having broken this week, and so accessing the goal sheet has been awkward. I have a temporary iPod that I’m using while waiting for mine to be fixed, but it’s taken a couple of days to get it all set up.

So, busy days ahead! Lots of fun keeping me on track, LOL! but I love living an experimental life. Never a dull moment!

How’s life your way?


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