Changing Your Unconscious Body-Weight Set-Point

Jan 24

Changing Your Unconscious Body-Weight Set-Point

So, still hacking….

I’m getting better at the Polyphasic sleep thing, and working to set up the right naps this week. Work will make that awkward as I don’t have the luxury of a break at any time in the workday, let alone at a specific time. Thankfully my shifts are fairly short so I can come home and have a longer afternoon nap on the two days I work at Gymboree. The rest of the time, I should be fine with a nap at 10:30 am, 3:30 pm and 10:30 pm. I can move them either way by about an hour, too, and they should still work out fine. They say it will take a couple of months to completely adjust, so I’ll keep you posted!

My latest hack is with resetting my ideal weight set point. I’ve had this tested with pretty sophisticated machinery, and based on my size, lean muscle mass, and other factors, my ideal weight is 120 lbs (actually it’s 121.something, but 120 works – I like round numbers). The problem is, my body seems to have a much higher set point that I find hard to push through. Several years ago I purchased an e-book called “How to Get Lots of Money For Anything – FAST” about “extreme” goal setting. One of the bonuses that came with it was called “How To Lose Lots of Weight – Easily and Quickly” and showed how you can re-set your your unconscious body-weight set-point. (note: the original version of this book was quite fascinating, and the suggestions work. However, the new version brings in elements that make me, as a Christian, quite nervous. Just sayin’)

If you’re trying to reach 120lbs but your unconscious is determined that your ideal weight is 150, every pound you lose below that point is going to be a battle. However, if your body believes that your ideal set point is 120, it will work with you to lose the weight.

Kinda cool.

So, following the steps in the book I have created a goal that should re-set this body-weight set-point. It goes into effect tonight. Let’s see how it works, shall we? I post the results here on my blog.

Wish me luck!


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  1. Sue Nixon /

    Hi Dar,
    Gary read a book called Fat Wars which he found very helpful – lots of specific details on how the body loses weight, to making muscle, how’s, when’s, specific exercises and the amount you need to do etc. Much more detailed than anything he has ever read. When he followed the program he was very successful.
    Unfortunately we lent it out and it was never returned. Have seen it in Value Village tho.
    Thought it might help to get past the ‘stuck’ weight.


  2. Hey, thanks, Sue!

    All I need is another book, LOL! I will keep my eyes open for that one, though – sounds interesting. I’m curious, however, to see if the simple act of setting a goal well can accomplish it without all the complications. If not, I’ll grab the book!

    Thanks for the tip! I appreciate it!



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