Learning to See

Jan 21

Learning to See

Have you ever watched a young child discovering something? Maybe they’ve found an ant on the sidewalk, or the first dandelion, or a feather. Maybe it’s the first time they’ve ever seen real animals up close, or heard a symphony orchestra, or bounced on a trampoline.

Whatever it is, children have the most magical sense of the world around them. Everything that’s ordinary to us, is extraordinary to them. The majority of the fun I have hanging out with kids is rediscovering the world through their eyes.

As adults we take a shocking amount of stuff for granted. Miracles no longer exist for us, and yet, they’re all around us. Let me challenge you today to take off those extra-dark sunglasses, and re-discover the world around you. Find it’s magic. Pretend you’re seeing it for the first time.

And then share below what you discovered!


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