Getting Unstuck

Jan 17

Getting Unstuck

First of all, very exciting news! I was interviewed by a reporter for Chatelaine magazine – read the results here: How to stick to your walking workout I’d be grateful if you’d pass it on!

As you know, I’ve been experimenting with my life in a fairly concentrated fashion lately. The most extreme experiment being that of attempting polyphasic sleep.

The main reason I’m pushing so hard in different areas of my life, is that there is this sense of being “stuck”. It seems that many of my attempts to move forward don’t. Even my “non-attempts” (because people keep telling me to relax and “let things happen”) fall flat. No matter how hard I try – or don’t try – I struggle with losing weight, even though people who follow the advice I give based on considerable research, do. Being successful in business is an incredibly slow and tedious process, even though I am able to help others grow their business quickly. I can’t seem to master even small changes – and big changes, while they tend to be easier because they’re more “in your face” aren’t working either.

I’m not whining, and I’m not afraid of hard work and discipline. I just feel…stuck.

One of the reasons I wanted to try polyphasic sleep was to gain more time for spiritual devotions and get my life with God in a place where it is a life of victory and impact. I also wanted more time for fitness. Currently I feel like a bit of a slug. Trying to get up for devotions really early in the morning wasn’t working – my faith is so weak that strengthening it didn’t inspire me. And I’ve let anything and everything get in the way of fitness, even though I actually really enjoy my workout.

However, I am relentless. I believe there’s hope even for me!

These past two weeks of 2011 have been eye-opening mostly in the area of boundaries. There are things that are important to me, but I constantly let the urgent get in the way, and I am just not willing to put in the effort in some areas, to make the necessary difference. The boundary situation got so bad that I let everything of importance drop to tackle something that was urgent but had nothing to do with my life, my goals, or my convictions. How dumb is that? this is when I began to see that there is actually a problem bigger than what I recognized going on in my life.

I prayed about it, journaled, and I believe the key lies somewhere in my prayer life – which is about as effective as a wet sock. As I searched for understanding in how to move with power in prayer, I “stumbled” across a site that talks about being more effective in prayer, and it gives exercises and advice that challenge what I believe about prayer, but make sense, as well. As the prayer time needs to take place at midnight, according to this course, it’s also forcing me to create a polyphasic sleep pattern, which is interesting. I haven’t added fitness in to it yet, because the prayertime itself is already about 2 hours.

So currently I’m on a 21 day fast – 3 days of an “Esther Fast” (yes, I’m being very careful) and then 18 days of partial fasting, and I get up at midnight to pray according to a very specific schedule and pattern. This is the opening exercise of a 90 day prayer program that I’m currently finding fascinating. And, while it’s a struggle, I’m able to drag this sorry carcass out of bed at midnight every night, and battle in prayer for two hours before falling back asleep.

I’ll keep you posted!


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