Weight Loss and Slow Carb II

Dec 22

Weight Loss and Slow Carb II

So this graph is looking MUCH happier these days! Very encouraging!

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I’m settling into a rhythm with the eating plan. There are ways of tweaking it to be more effective, but I currently only have the book on my iPod Touch Kindle, and it’s really hard to use it as a resource there. The actual book should arrive any day now, and then I can work at adding those tweaks and improving my results.

Right now I keep it VERY simple. I eat within 30 minutes of getting up and I stirfry about 2 cups of frozen mixed vegetables, along with about 1/4 cup of legumes (usually black beans or lentils). When they’re ready, I add 2 eggs, cook it all through, and off I go. Takes about 15 minutes.

I’ve learned to make soups by putting a bunch of chopped up leeks into the crock pot with some legumes, and letting them “steep together” for a while. After a few hours of simmering, I blend that all together until smooth, and I add cooked chicken, seasoning and a package of frozen mixed veg, and let it simmer some more. This makes a very easy complete meal that I then use for lunches.

We try to experiment with different ideas for dinner. Mexican is popular and easy, and we’re working with various recipes that enable us to incorporate legumes in an easy way. The current favourite is to cook some meat, and serve it alongside stir-fried fresh vegetables that have legumes mixed in (again, usually black beans or lentils).

So far, so good. I’m looking forward to seeing how much better it works when I can add in some of the finer detail and extra tips from the book.

Well, that’s my update for today! Hope you guys are enjoying the Christmas season! Have a wonderful holiday and warm family celebrations!


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