Aerobic Training

Nov 24

Aerobic Training

One of the things I’ve learned through reading Dr. Phil Maffetone’s books is the importance of aerobic training.

If you’re like me, the phrase “aerobic training” conjures up pictures of running, cycling, swimming, dancing, and the like. That’s all well and good, but when you train at too high a heart rate level you risk injury, over-training, and ill health, regardless of what fitness level you achieve.

Most of the home-study programs out there are made for people who have already established a solid aerobic fitness level. They’re not for beginners. Want to know if your program is one of them?

Subract your age from 180. That number is generally your maximum aerobic pace – in other words, the actual pace you should train at. You should not exceed it.

For example, my MHRT is 126 (I needed to subtract another 5 due to an injury and haphazard training over the past year). Most people can hardly climb stairs at that heart rate, let alone complete an all-out workout DVD or Aerobic class.

When we consistently train at the correct (180-age) pace we will see quick improvement in our speed, improved fitness and health, and we should never sustain any kind of stress injury.

This past week Tom and I established our training heart rates, and set up our training schedule. I’m not too impressed with the huge dump of snow we just got, and the first few days of our “Two Week Test” had us feeling tired and crummy, suffering from caffeine withdrawal and a head cold, no less! So we postponed the start of our training to this week, but the incredibly cold temperatures are also keeping us inside (sigh). We’ll be buying a treadmill for Christmas!! Once it’s in place and/or the weather warms up, we’ll be following this slower regimen, and we’ll keep you posted on the results!

If you want more information about this training method, here’s Dr. Maffetone’s article: Want Speed? Slow Down!

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