Eating Mindfully

Nov 19

Eating Mindfully

Did you know that watching television (even a happy show) while eating will hinder your digestive system from working? In fact, any stress/distraction at all while eating will cause issues with your digestion?

Here’s why:

Digestion is controlled by the parasympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system which is associated with relaxation and repair. The other half of the autonomic nervous system, the sympathetic branch, allows us to cope with stress and react to danger. It only takes a moderate amount of stimulation to activate the sympathetic nervous system, even if it’s positive, and because only one branch of the autonomic nervous system can be active at a time, anything that activates the sympathetic branch also impairs digestion.

(How to Lose Weight and Be Healthy by Eating with Pleasure)

This week, as part of our N.A.V.Y. Challenge we are going to be focusing on Mindful Eating. Here are some ways you can practice that:

  1. Before you begin try saying a prayer of gratitude. If you don’t normally pray before a meal, here are some prayers you can use to get started: Dinner Prayers
  2. Before that first bite, take a deep breath, smell your food, take a look at the colours, choose something and take one single bite. Put your fork down, and savour your food. Take note of the seasoning, the texture, the flavours. Chew well.
  3. If you have the privilege of conversation at your table, don’t talk with food in your mouth. Chew, swallow, put your fork down, pay attention to the conversation, then when your part is finished, resume eating.
  4. When you’re done, take a deep breath, relax, give thanks for what you’ve eaten to whomever prepared it, and get up slowly from the table.

If you never have time in your busy day to eat like this, you need to do something about your schedule.

Try it and see how it works for you. If you have any questions or tips to share, please do so in the comments section below!

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