1,2,3, Breathe

Nov 12

On Wednesday I wrote about stress and the adrenals. Today I want to remind you of a wonderful trick I use to help me cope with the stress when I recognize that it’s getting to me – Breath prayer. I’ve written about breath prayers before, but thought I’d bring it back up. It’s such a wonderful way to unwind and relax, and can be done anywhere.

When I feel that familiar crunch in my stomach, or when my brain is racing in circles, or when I allow worry and confusion to take over, I simply take a deep breath, and breathe a prayer. The combination of both deep breathing and prayer is a powerful weapon over stress and it’s symptoms. The trick is to have several prayers learned for such an occasion so that your mind isn’t floundering, and so that you’re replacing the bad thoughts, not surpressing them. Here are some great examples of breath prayer, and a wonderful explanation of how to do it.

If you’re in a real bind – going through some tough times that are going to be there for a while – I’d memorize longer prayers that have real meat. You could try St. Patrick’s Breastplate (my all-time favourite for really stressful times), or the Anima Christi that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. You can also work on scripture passages, like Psalm 91, Isaiah 43, or that wonderful old standby, Psalm 23

Whatever you decide you want, start learning it now, breathing deeply as you memorize, so that it will be deeply ingrained in you and ready for you the next time your stomach knots, your head spins, or you start to hyperventilate.

Remember, 1,2,3, Breathe (and pray!)

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