The Art of Relaxation

Nov 03

The Art of Relaxation

Ahhh. There’s something wonderful about taking time off. My family and I just returned from an AMAZING trip to Mexico. We booked a beautiful all-inclusive resort in Puerto Aventuras on the Southern Coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. We had a week there and decided ahead of time to book activities every second day, and then have a day of relaxation in between.

In our time there we booked a tour to Chichén Itzá that included a stop at the Cenote Ikil de Chichén Itzá which was stunningly beautiful as well! We also went for an ATV ride through the jungle, and then the kids did a “Trainer for Life” day at the Dolphin Discovery Park close to our hotel – a full day with dolphins, sea lions, manatees, sting rays and sharks. Pretty amazing.

On the “off” days we took advantage of our “A la Carte” dining tickets and enjoyed our meal with chef “Jackie Chan” (Enrique!) at the Mikado (this isn’t my video – someone else filmed it, but it’s the same chef), and then we had a lovely Italian meal at the Bella Vista two nights later, and wound up our week at the Bambolero, a wonderful steak house. When not eating “A la Carte” we enjoyed crepes and milkshakes at the Creperie, and our everyday meals at one of the two buffets. No shortage of food.

To spend a week not worrying about money, food prep or cleanup, housework, school, business and – yes – even training (though I did a lot of walking and kept up each day with my daily step goals – just didn’t do any “set” training), to spend every afternoon enjoying a siesta (what a wonderful habit that is!) and having a laugh-out-loud fun time at fascinating places, was incredibly healthy. I have come back refreshed and alert, ready to tackle new things.

So, let me ask you – when was the last time you really took time off? When was the last time you put worry and hassle aside, and just relaxed? If you can’t remember when it was, get online and book something asap.

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