Weight Loss and Superfoods – Dark Chocolate!

Oct 25

Weight Loss and Superfoods – Dark Chocolate!

Ok, I’m saving the best superfood for last – Dark Chocolate! Woohoo! Dark chocolate is my favourite superfood of all. However, you need to be careful what you buy – it’s easy to be deceived! Today’s post will make sure you’re able to choose the best source!

Ok, what are the benefits of dark chocolate?

Dark chocolate is a good source of:

Dark chocolate is also great for women, because:

Dark chocolate contains a high level of magnesium, which is essential for calcium absorption, which in turn reduces the muscle cramps common during menstruation (premenstrual syndrome) and pregnancy. Magnesium relaxes the uterus (and other muscles), reducing the chance of premature contractions during pregnancy. Magnesium is also used as a treatment for constipation, which can also contribute to menstrual cramps.

It lowers blood pressure, and there’s some talk of it being a great food to snack on if you suffer from gout.

Chocolate is considered an aphrodisiac (which is why it’s always part of Valentine’s Day!) You can try it out with this very yummy sounding Aztec Hot Chocolate recipe!

It contains serotonin, a natural mood-boosting anti-depressant

Stimulates pleasure-inducing endorphin production

Dark chocolate has also been proven to help with liver disease:

A study of 21 patients with end-stage liver disease found those given a meal containing 85 percent-cocoa dark chocolate had a markedly smaller rise in blood pressure in the liver, or portal hypertension, than those given white chocolate.

“This study shows a clear association between eating dark chocolate and (lower) portal hypertension and demonstrates the potential importance of improvements in the management of cirrhotic patients,” said Mark Thursz, a professor of hepatology at London’s Imperial College.

But while dark chocolate is a terrific superfood, you need to choose the right kind. Here are two sources to help you make the best choice:

And there you have it! Go get yourself a bar of rich, dark chocolate, and enjoy!

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