Prayerful Moments

Oct 22

Prayerful Moments

I believe strongly that victory is won or lost in the brain. All day long there’s a kind of “chatter going on inside our heads. That chatter is either confirming who we are in Christ, who we are as our best selves, or it’s going against it. Most people I know have chatter that is constantly condemning, rebuking, or criticizing either ourselves and/or others. Negative, black self-talk that is like a black sludge drawing us deeper and deeper into despair. It doesn’t allow us to live a life of victory or joy, and because of it, most of us never truly live out our potential.

Do you hear yourself every saying to yourself “Great. You screwed up again”, or “I will NEVER get this right”, or “I’m such an idiot”? Those kinds of phrases end up being agreements with Satan, and they give him an every greater foothold in our lives. We need to combat these kinds of thoughts, but you know already from experience that trying to tell yourself something different when you don’t quite believe it (like “I am powerful, successful and wealthy) only seems to confirm what we’re not.

I believe there is a much more powerful way to change our thought patterns – replace them with a focus on Christ – not necessarily by combating them with the word of God when they arise – i.e. you are angry so you quote Ephesians 4:26 over and over again, hoping you’ll calm down – but you often don’t.

I think there’s a better way – just simply fill your mind with good stuff so there isn’t room for negative self-talk. This will slowly allow us to “be transformed by the renewing of our minds

We’ve talked before about the habit of attaching prayer to various activities. There is such a wealth of deep prayer circulating in Christian literature, that it’s not hard to find one that does exactly the right thing.

In our N.A.V.Y adventures a couple of weeks ago I suggested that as you drink your daily lemon tea (2x/day) you pray the wonderful prayer from Sarah Young: “Jesus, open my eyes that I might see you everywhere”. Here’s another of my favourite prayers that I like to use throughout the day (it’s a version of the “Anima Chrsiti”)

“Jesus, may all that is you flow into me.
May your body and blood be my food and drink.
May your passion and death be my strength and life.
Jesus, with you by my side enough has been given.
May the shelter I seek be the shadow of your cross.
Let me not run from the love which you offer,
but hold me safe from the forces of evil.
On each of my dyings shed your light and your love.
Keep calling to me until that day comes,
when, with your saints, I may praise you forever. Amen.”

Try memorizing that beautiful prayer, and then reciting it to yourself throughout the day either at specific times, with specific activities, or simply as you think of it. It will go a long way to cleaning up the sludge of negative back talk!

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