Take a Breath

Oct 01

Take a Breath

Life is lived at a pretty fast pace these days.  I know my life in the past month or so has been ridiculously hectic trying to keep my head above water with a job that has temporarily become almost full-time, a new business that my kids and I are working hard at creating momentum for, this site which, while more of a hobby site, is a true passion of mine, highschool homeschooling, and just general housework, home maintenance duties.  Finding an oasis of calm is a struggle.

Often when we think of taking a break we think in terms of taking a couple of weeks’ holidays, or at minimum, going away for the weekend.  The truth is, while those kinds of breaks are wonderful, they often end up adding to the stress, rather than taking it away.  It’s hard to book them frequently enough to really make a difference.

But you CAN take several “mini-breaks” in a single day that will have a huge impact on how high your normal stress level is.  Even in my busy schedule, I make it a priority to take a break.  When I’m at work I often hide in the bathroom for just a minute between classes to breathe deeply and focus.  This helps me to make sure each class gets my full attention and highest level of energy.  When I get home, it’s time for tea and connection (known as “social tea” around here) with the kids.  On days I work from home I get up often to stretch, breathe deeply, and do something good for myself – grab a square of dark chocolate, go outside and take a picture, do a small household chore that “shifts my gears” for a second, stretch, watch an episode of a TV series with my kids (currently we’re re-watching all of “Corner Gas” The resulting laughter is also a great stress reducer).

Something I’m trying to incorporate into my day, going back to the whole “Celtic thing” is to simply stop for 2 minutes, stretch, do some deep breathing exercises, and then breathe a prayer to just consciously re-connect to God.   I came across a wonderful prayer the other day: “Open my eyes, Jesus, so that I may see You everywhere” (Sarah Young, from “Jesus Calling”) What a wonderful thing to focus my mind on in the midst of the busy-ness of my day!

Why not try that yourself today, as you go about your business? Share your results below!

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