Celebrating "Spring"

Sep 22

Celebrating "Spring"

So it’s been a long journey from religious habit to heart-relationship with God. We’re certainly not at our final destination yet, but I imagine that will only happen when I’m no longer here on planet earth! ๐Ÿ™‚

But good things are happening. I find myself now able to turn to God more naturally, in conversation. I am starting to hunger for His word, and I’m listening to the Bible as I sleep (with my funky new SleepPhones!) I’ve also been reading a daily devotional most mornings called “Joy and Strength” which I love. It’s not the frothy, superficial “cup of coffee for a woman’s soul” kind of devotional. It has real meat in it. For example, this is what I read the other day:

“As soon as I woke in the morning I threw myself into the arms of Divine Love as a child does into its father’s arms. I rose to serve Him, and to perform my daily labor simply that I might please Him. If I had time for prayer, I fell on my knees in His divine presence, consecrated myself to Him, and begged Him that He would accomplish His holy will perfectly in me, and through me, and that He would not permit me to offend Him in the least thing all through the day,. I occupied myself with Him and His praise as long as my duties permitted. Very often, I had not leisure to say even so much as the Lord’s Prayer during the day, but that did not trouble me. I thought it as much my duty to work for Him as to pray to Him, for He, Himself had taught me, that all that I should do for love of Him would be a true prayer. I loved Him and rejoiced in Him. If my occupations required all my attention, I had nevertheless my heart turned towards Him; and, as soon as they were finished, I ran to Him again, as to my dearest Friend. When evening came, and every one went to rest, I found mine only in the Divine Love, and fell asleep, still loving and adoring Him.” (Armelle Nicolas)

Ahhh. This is what my heart longs for, and this is what my stone heart is beginning to experience. Just a small beginning, but a beginning, nonetheless!

Strange. As we enter the dark, dormant Winter season, my heart is celebrating Spring! ๐Ÿ™‚

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