The Perfect Schedule

Sep 01

The Perfect Schedule

My regular readers will know that trying to fit everything into my life is quite a challenge.  In the last week I’ve now added an EXTRA shift at work (instead of dropping one, which was my intention) due to some real staffing challenges going on over there.  I said I’d help out until they get new staff trained.  In return, once staff is in place, they will enable me to drop a shift.  Can’t wait!  I love the job, but three days a week (and now four) is too much with everything else going on.

However, an interesting thing has happened.  My husband and I were in N. Ireland last week for a family emergency, and then he left for a business trip the day after we got back.  This has meant that I’m “in control” of my schedule without having to worry about his sleep issues, or what time he wants to go to bed etc.  I’ve found myself getting into bed, lights out by 9:00, and then being wide awake and rested at 4:30 am.  The jet lag (7 hours) is really helping me out here.  Not sure what will happen when my dear husband gets back.  We’ll see.

The cool thing is that I now have time to do some devotional reading in the morning.  I’ve had a hunger for God lately and a longing to just “check in” with Him in some meaningful way.  I feel like we’re on the path to growth after a very long period of recuperation from religious burn-out.  I have a wonderful little devotional book called “Joy and Strength” that I really enjoy, and I feel like I can now read it without a check-list.  I start my day with my “declaration” and then move on to this little book.  I follow that with a time of prayer journaling.  I don’t pressure myself into doing this, and I don’t stress about getting it done.  My heart draws me to this and somehow it feels like that’s the right way to go about living out my faith.  I go from there to my computer and get my morning business tasks done (my blog here on PraiseWalker, my scheduled social media work, my “HotSpot Promotion” work, and catching up on Facebook and e-mail).

By 6:00 I’m ready for my walk and while I walk I listen to this GREAT podcast called “The God Journey” which is really inspiring me as I learn to follow Jesus without all the religious trappings. This is followed by breakfast, getting dressed and such for work, and then “social tea” with my kids before I head out the door.  I leave relaxed, encouraged, and feel like I’ve already had a very productive day, even before I get to my job. Fantastic.

I’m going to take full advantage of this great new schedule while my dear hubby is away, and then see how possible it is to continue once he gets back on the weekend.

Wish me luck!

How do you  manage to fit things into your day?  Share your comments and ideas below.

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