The N.A.V.Y. Challenge

Aug 13

The N.A.V.Y. Challenge

Ok, so enough already with the excuses and slack attitude!  I have got to get my butt kicked into high gear here, and I have GOT to get some help.

I thought maybe, I’d ask you?

I developed a great training/weight loss program that is based on adopting one simple habit into your life each week: – a fitness habit, a nutrition habit, or a spiritual habit. I gave it to my sister who has had a life of such amazing stress that it’s made my life look like I live in bed. During those years she’s managed to put on quite a bit of extra weight, and she asked me for help. I gave her my amazing program. She’s followed it only haphazardly and has lost a ton of weight.

How cool is that?!!!

I’m pretty sure it works not only because of my sister, but because I’ve done a lot of research into permanent weight loss, while keeping in mind that the main goal is not just being skinny, but also glowing with health and vitality.  You guys are all at least as busy as I am, so we don’t have time for complicated stuff, so this also has to be easy.  That’s how I designed it.

The problem is, I have the self discipline of a gnat, so I need help.   Even though I’ve made this ridiculously simple, I’ve still had trouble staying focused (that seems the be the story of my life…)

So, I thought I’d invite you to help me out.  Here’s what I’m proposing:

  1. I’d re-open and modify the Facebook page I created a couple of years ago and did nothing with.
  2. I’d invite you and all your friends to join (wouldn’t it be fun if this became a dynamic group of people with common goals and struggles?)
  3. I’d post something every Friday on this blog with some background detail and practical stuff, and then set up a challenge every Saturday, based on that info, on the Facebook page.
  4. We’d look at nutrition (easy recipes, high density nutrition with no counting points, calories, or weighing of food!), exercise (stretching, walking, weights), and Spiritual growth (Christian, but you’re welcome to come alongside and adapt it for your needs and faith walk)
  5. You could post your questions, share your trials and triumphs, share some tips that you’ve discovered, and learn from and connect to a whole bunch of new friends.
  6. We could ALL lose that spare tire, and find the energy that went packing somewhere around the time we had that first child…

I thought I’d call the new challenge the N.A.V.Y. challenge, because it’s about creating a New And Vital You, and I’m going to launch it on August 21, 2010.  The Facebook link is here.

What do you think?  Interested?  If so, please click the link above and join the Facebook page.  Invite your friends, and let’s make this a happening place!!!

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