Fitting Fitness into Life

Aug 04

Fitting Fitness into Life

It’s been a wild and crazy time here at the Hull household.  Back in March/April the kids and I decided to test out a business idea helping small businesses get some extra exposure through social media and local online marketing.  We had a few people we were working with as we tested tools and created systems that would make life easier and profits higher for these hard working people.

Just as we were getting it going, a large (but thankfully temporary) financial situation  necessitated that I get a part time job, and I had the great fortune of landing a job with Gymboree as a teacher in their play and learn classes.  It’s tons of fun, but hugely intense, and there are “extras” around the actual in-class time like lesson prep, song learning, and developmental goal statement memorization.  To this, I’ve added the challenge of getting all three Calgary Gymboree sites up and running on iPods instead of the really awkward multi-CD changers they were using.  This has added quite a bit of extra work to my load.

Recently, the kids and I felt we were ready to test the water with a “real business” (we’re actually doing it as part of their school curriculum for Gr 12) and we set up our HotSpot Promotion company that I mentioned a few weeks back.  Setting up a real, honest-to-goodness business is a lot of work, and we’ve been pushing hard to get it all done properly, with all the necessary systems in place, and training completed.  A week ago we landed two clients, one of which has required a great deal of research and preparation for a webinar we’re presenting to their clients on Social Media.  It will probably mean a lot of business for us in the near future for which we need to be even more prepared.

On top of that, our dishwasher broke, so all dishes are being washed by hand.

This is the scenario I’m trying to fit my walking into.  Currently, Mondays and Thursdays are “full-on” HotSpot work – client meetings, research, strategy development, set-up, advising, tracking, etc.  Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays are Gymboree, with every second weekend being almost completely dedicated to lesson prep.

In the mornings when I wake up, I feel the urge to hyperventilate come upon me as I contemplate spending the first hour or two of my day walking.  I panic that I won’t get anything else done, because, of course, the walking will also require a shower, which will also require fighting with my hair.  I wouldn’t get “down to business” until noon on days I’m home.  On days I’m at Gymboree, there just isn’t time to walk before I go, and when I get back, I’m physically and mentally wiped.

So, I’m giving myself permission.  Permission to take a break, and not worry about walking until I catch a rhythm for the work we’re doing.  I sense that walking will actually make me more productive, but I currently don’t need the stress of adding “one more thing” to my day.

My guess is that in a week or two, I’ll be so efficient at my various tasks (this is the focus I’m working on now) that I’ll have the time I need to walk, and I’ll then be in a better state to do the work that follows.  I mean, I can dream, can’t I?

It can be complicated fitting everything into life, and I love the fact that it’s OK to live with grace – not only for others, but also for myself.

Do you have trouble fitting fitness in?  What tricks do you have for making it work?  Post your ideas in the comments below!

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