Why I Love Walking

Jul 28

Why I Love Walking

My discipline may, at times, be sketchy, but the truth of the matter is, I love walking. If I miss it for a time due to injury, stress, or some other reason, I truly cannot wait to get back to it. Why? Well, here are a few reasons:

  1. The rhythm helps me to deal with the physical outworkings of stress, making me calm and less overwhelmed
  2. The forced deep breathing also works to eliminate the sense of stress I often feel about my life, and it “wakes up my brain”, sweeps away the cobwebs and what the Germans aptly calle “Morgan Muffle”. This helps me feel focused and alert
  3. I begin my day by accomplishing something that’s important to me. I feel successful right away, and my tracking tools bring evidence to the work I’ve done
  4. While walking I listen to podcasts and such about things that inspire, challenge, and encourage me
  5. Calgary usually has lovely weather, and it’s invigorating to get outside and breathe the fresh air with the sun pouring down on you
  6. I live in an area that enables me to walk along pathways through beautiful parks and along the river. While Calgary would not be considered a “lush” place as far as foliage is concerned, it has its own attractiveness, and there’s always something interesting to see along the way
  7. People who work out outside seem to be very friendly. At the end of a walk I’ve smiled, and said “hi” to a good dozen people who’ve smiled and said “hi” right back. There’s often a brief exchange, a passing comment, or a chance to say hello to their dog, as well. I come back feeling warm and fuzzy
  8. The sunshine floods my brain with endorphins and lots of vitamin D, so I come home feeling strong and happy
  9. If I’ve done an exceptionally good job, and if my Nike+ system is working, I get to hear some famous athlete/coach tell me that I was wonderful 🙂
  10. When I’m all done, I have a good stretch. This makes me feel limber and fluid. I come home in positive anticpation of the day ahead

Well, those are my reasons – do you have any of your own?  Share them here in the comment section!

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