Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh

Jun 30

Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh

Hello dear readers!

I know it’s not the season to be discussing it (I mean, we finally got rid of the snow here!) but I always wondered about the three gifts of the Magi at Christmas. Ok, well, gold makes sense, but myrrh? And what on earth is Frankincense, anway?! Wouldn’t a basket ball or a baby sling have made more sense?

Well, I have exciting news for you. Today (and for three Wednesday’s in a row!) I have a special guest blogging on my site. My guest is a dear friend, Sue Nixon, who is passionate about essential oils, and she’s going to share some fascinating facts about one of those weird gifts – Frankincense.

Take it away, Sue!

Boswellic Acid…wait for it…this is and will be the new buzz word around the world. Frankincense is made up of 35% Boswellic Acid. Frankincense is good for regeneration of disc, cartilage and bone; appears to heal Chrohns disease and ulcerative Colitis; reduces asthma,bronchitis, laryngitis, scars and acne; significantly inhibits Hepatitis C Protease; and offers a sense of peace and calming.

There is a new study from Oklahoma stating how pure Frankincense essential oil when administered seems to be able to distinguish cancerous cells from normal bladder cells.
Frankincense is being tested all over the world for its ability to prevent and cure cancer. In ancient days it was used as a cure-all. No wonder the Christ Child was presented with it from the 3 Wise men.

Frankincense Resin comes from Boswellia trees and can be used numerous ways depending on the tree. It can be chewed like gum, burnt like incense and used for medicinal purposes and spiritual practices, dissolved in water overnight to drink, and turned into essential oil. In country of Oman they have the lowest cancer rate in the whole world, periodontal disease and arthritis are non existent. The people of Oman attribute their good health to the use of their sacred Frankincense.

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Live life to the fullest – live essentially. Sue Nixon is a Young Living Essential Oil Independent distributor and finds wellness through essential oil. See more of her articles at:

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And there you have it.  Come back next Wednesday for more info on this amazing substance!

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