Weight Loss Results & Superfoods 2

Jun 28

Weight Loss Results & Superfoods 2

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Here we are again, things are lookin’ good!  I’m quite happy with my progress considering I have so little time right now to pay that much attention.  I’m also too busy to be bored or to snack, so that helps, LOL! 😀

I continue to research effective ways to lose weight and get healthy and on our next shopping list I’m going to be putting those items I need to follow Tim Ferriss’ food plan: How to Lose 20 lbs. of Fat in 30 Days… Without Doing Any Exercise.   Looks yummy, is very doable, and is incredibly easy.  Lots of yummy food, too.  I will, of course, be doing exercise with it.

We’re now finally back to walking, again!!  This time, I need it to stay without injury or hassle.  I really miss my walks!  This has been a long hard season!  The sun seems to have arrived for summer, though, and we’re hoping the snow will now stay away until December at least!!! (yes, folks, this is Calgary.  It can snow any month of the year – I’ve seen snow in August…)

Ok, so what is today’s superfood?

Photo of RhubardRhubarb!

This one’s kind of cool, because we don’t hear about it often.  I LOVE rhubarb, but my husband hates it, so we don’t eat it often.  I love it stewed with a little sucanat and mixed with natural yogurt.  Mmmmm.  We usually think of rhubarb as a fruit, but in fact, it’s a vegetable from the same family as sorrel and buckwheat.

So, why is it good for you?

  • It’s high in dietary fibre
  • rich in potassium and vitamin C.
  • possibly plays a role in helping menopausal women deal with hot flashes!!!  Researchers believe there’s something in the root that mimics a form of estrogen, but they’re still looking in to it.

How to eat rhubarb:

  • this article lists 7 options for different ways to try rhubarb
  • You can find some healthier recipes for rhubarb here – just use a better sugar than standard white.
  • Here are some that have slightly less standard ingredients, but much healthier results: Spring Rhubarb and Strawberrries

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