I'm Gonna Fly

Jun 25

I'm Gonna Fly

Way back in the 80’s Amy Grant wrote a song called “I’m Gonna Fly”  I loved that song – it touched my heart somehow, and has sort of become my anthem.  Sometimes it’s gotten lost in the detritus of life, but it always re-emerges.  Take a listen:

Now, if you’ve been reading my blog even sporadically, you have to know that I’m a passionate reader.  Probably the understatement of the century!  😀  Anyway, I’m currently reading (among other books) Walking in the Will of God: Discovering the Grace and Freedom of His Plan for You where Steve McVey basically says “If you’re serious about following God, and there’s a passion in your heart to do something, do it”  and (thankfully) it doesn’t always mean some kind of missionary/charity project.  Basically, if something makes you fire on all cylinders, and you are serious about following God, you can generally assume that that passion comes from God – even if it’s for something like flying planes, or painting, or whatever, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be “Christianed up” to be acceptable.

Shortly after writing last Friday’s post I was poking through some book titles to add to my iPod Kindle app (as if I actually needed new books to read!) and came across the updated version of  Tim Ferriss’  The 4-Hour Workweek.  I had eagerly and enthusiastically devoured the first version, and decided to read the expanded version, but this time, instead of just reading it, I was going to do each exercise in the book, and create that life.  Tom and I have known for a long time now that we’re not designed to live ordinary lives.  We’ve tried hard to fit in anyway, and it’s just not working.

So here goes something new.  In addition to letting go of the ritual of church life and  the duties of spiritual disciplines (having already released the family from the stranglehold of standard education!) I am now finally going to throw off the restraints of any remaining normalcy in my life (there’s truly very little left, LOL!) and I’m going to learn to live life in a way that makes me fly – literally and figuratively.

Just in case there’s anyone out there who’s interested in following along, I’m going to be posting about that life and the journey it takes me on, here on this blog on Fridays, so you can peek in and see how it works in real life.  If you have always wanted to try letting go and living a truly free life, let me encourage you to grab a copy of the book and follow along.  As I type this, I’m just starting the exercises at the end of Chapter 4, so set aside some time to read, and catch up to me.  I’ll update you on the results of those exercises next week.

Woohoo!  Yes, baby, I’m Gonna Fly!!!

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