Weightloss and Superfoods

Jun 21

Weightloss and Superfoods

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A mild “blip” in the system today.  I’m not too concerned.  Mild extensor tendonitis in my left foot had me planted, unmoving, on the sofa for 4 days in the hopes of achieving complete healing.  The last thing I want is chronic acute tendonitis in my feet!  All that lazing around has to contribute to some mild weight gain especially when I went from an average of 12,000 steps per day to just over 1,000.

Today I’m going to just go about my daily business – no exercise, but complete my normal daily activities, and ease my foot back into movement to check that it truly is OK before I jump back into training.

I also thought it would be interesting to spend some time on the concept of superfoods.  Many of us experience hunger and weight gain because what we eat is so low in nutrition.  Lots of “bulk” but no real food for our bodies.  We may be full, but because our bodies don’t have the nutrition they need, they are still “hungry”.  There are some great superfoods out there, and I thought I’d take some time to share some of them.

The first superfood I want to talk about are berries.

berriesBerries are very high in vitamin C,  antioxidants – which help protect the cells in our bodies from damage, and therefore help to prevent disease and slow down aging –  and phytochemicals, especially ellagic acid.  They improve your short term memory, lower the risk for breast, oral, and colon cancers in women.  They are low in calories, and high in water and fibre, helping to control blood sugar and choloesterol, and it also helps in keeping you feeling full, longer.   Berries are also low in carbohydrates relative to other fruits. This makes berries a great choice for diabetics and for those following a low carb diet.

Strawberries lower the risk of tumor development by up to 58%; blueberries and cranberries help prevent urinary tract infections; tart cherries are high in melatonin and can help you sleep.

The best part of the berry is in its pulp and seeds, so eat these whole, not in juices.

How to get more berries in your diet:

  • toss a handful of mixed frozen berries into your morning smoothie
  • replace your after dinner ice cream with plain yogurt mixed with blueberries
  • add them into your salads

Want some great, healthy berry recipes?  Take a look here


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