Notes and Quotes from "Younger Next Year"

Jun 04

Notes and Quotes from "Younger Next Year"

CBR002098Last Wednesday I shared a bit about the book Younger Next Year for Women: Live Strong, Fit, and Sexy – Until You’re 80 and Beyond I thought I’d share some interesting things I discovered so you can get an idea of just how great this book is (though lots is based on evolution, so if you’re not into that, skip that part – the facts remain, I believe):

Cytokine-6, or C-6 for short, is the master chemical for inflammation (decay), and cytokine-10, or C-10 for short, is the master chemical for repair and growth.  C-6 is produced in both the muscle cells and the bloodstream in response to exercise, and C-10 is produced in response to C-6.  This is your body’s brilliant mechanism for coupling decay and growth.  C-6 actually triggers the production of C-10.  Decay triggers growth…

…(your) 60-70 lbs of muscle are a massive reservoir of C-6 and C-10, a massive reservoir of potential youth if you do your part. Exercise triggers repair, renewal and growth by producing C-10.  All forms of aerobic exercise produce C-6 in logarithmic proportion to both the duration and the intensity of exercise.  In marathon runners the level of C-6 rises a hundredfold by the end of the race.  It is an automatic measure of how much exercise you do, how much inflammation you cause, and how much growth you will experience.  In other words, how much C-10 will be released. C-10 is the key because growth is what you’re after. (p. 75)

The book does a lot of teaching on the importance of three different levels of aerobic training to get the maximum output of C-10 which is basically your means of staying young and avoiding most of the decay of old age.

Pretty cool, really, so strap on your pedometer, tie up your shoes, and head out there!

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