Hanging my Head

May 31

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Yeah, so this is not looking good.  I thought about hiding, pretending it didn’t happen, posting something brilliant that would distract you, or simply lying, but decided to ‘fess up, clear the air, and start fresh.

So what happened?

Wow. I’ve spent some time pondering this.  Understanding is often the key to success, so I wanted to understand what went wrong here.  In my last post on my weight loss results I talked about the importance of focus.  That still applies for sure, though I can say with confidence that I am now feeling a little more in control of the day-to-day stuff.  I’m settling in to my new job, we’re getting a bit of a schedule here at home, and the general overwhelm is lessening.

This last week, however, was exhausting.  My first week at work where I was basically solo, long days of high energy, next to no walking (that’s a biggie for me) and WAAAAY too much chocolate in the house, which is my biggest downfall.  Because I’ve been so incredibly tired I’ve been looking to food to get an energy “kick” and not only do I not get the kick, the fatigue makes me eat thoughtlessly and unhealthily, so because I’m not nourished properly, I get more tired, and the vicious cycle continues.  I cannot resist simple carbs when I’m tired.

Of course, these are reasons, but not excuses.

Yeah.  So on the weekend I redid my training schedule so it fits in better with my new schedule and lifestyle, got rid of the sweets in the house, and am heading into a MUCH slower week.  The out-of-town trips are over, the crazy training schedule is done, the panic and overwhelm have subsided, the training program is in place, and I had a fairly restful weekend, so I’m thinking we can start fresh, and get a better run at this starting now.

Wish me luck!

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