Total Body Radiance – Final Week!

May 07

Total Body Radiance – Final Week!

Here we are with the final free installment of my Total Body Radiance Program! I hope you’ve enjoyed it and that it’s been a help to you for getting yourself on a solid path to total wellness.

In case you missed the previous free lessons, check them out here:

And here’s lesson 4:

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Lesson 4

Ok, almost finished our first month! Well done!

Here’s this week’s video to get you started:

Don’t forget to take your measurements and record them on your chart! I’m also giving you a special, unadvertised bonus report that will help you with different ideas for increasing your steps again this week.

This week we also add spirituality. We are going to apply the concept of “breath prayers” to our breathing exercises. These prayers are simple, and yet they carry an amazing power behind them. I challenge you to try them out and see what happens! I explain my views on spirituality and how that applies to you (even if you differ from my way of living) in the lesson. It’s important that you read it before you get into the habits of this week.

We are also learning from Dee about eating more raw food (don’t worry, we won’t turn you into rabbits!) and give you ideas on how to manage that simply.

So, without further ado, here are your downloads for the week:

Lesson 4 E-book
Free Report: Increase Your Steps
Lesson 4 mp3 Recording
Breath Prayer Practice mp3
Breath Prayer Daily Exercise (to be used once you are comfortable with the breathing technique and the breath prayers on the previous mp3).

And there you have it!

For those of you who are interested in understanding more about my own faith choice, here are some fabulous books I can recommend (note: it’s NOT about religion, “church”, systems, restrictions, and condemnation, contrary to popular belief!). If you want to read these, I would suggest you read them in the order I’ve presented them below – left to right.


So, we’re now at the end of our first month. I’m sure it was MUCH slower than you anticipated, but I hope it was so slow that you’ve developed really good habits that will form the foundation for a slim and healthy future! The key habits from our first month will enable us to move much more quickly in this next month, and see much stronger results from our efforts while still building on habits that are easy to keep.

What’s coming up next month? Here’s a sneak peek:

  1. We’ll start an actual walking routine – nice and easy! Believe me, you won’t have ANY trouble fitting it in! (week 6)
  2. I’ll show you how to calculate your true ideal body weight so you know what you’re aiming for (Week 5)
  3. I’ll show you how to use all those fat stores as your primary energy source to not only give you endless energy, but also to help it drop from your body faster than you imagined! And we’ll train your body to use fat even when you’re NOT exercising! (Week 5-10)
  4. Some incredibly powerful and fun tools for keeping you on track – including a competition! (Week 6-9)
  5. Great tools and meditations for shifting your prevailing thought patterns from destructive to constructive (Week 7)
  6. Nutritionally we’ll talk about water, rainbows, portions, and a cool food group that hinders your body from taking on calories and forces it to burn more fat.
  7. We have an unannounced bonus for you – we’ll introduce you to a wonderful tool that will help you get energized, heal, focus, relax – and just about anything else you need to do to live a full and vibrant life! (Week 5)

Have a great week!


***Note: this is the last lesson you’ll receive for free.

If you’d like to continue to experience total wellness through Total Body Radiance,

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