Happy Birthday to Me

Apr 16

Happy Birthday to Me

Surprise1I have a present for you in honour of my birthday today!

This is the last birthday before the “biggie”!  The good news is that while my Chronological age is 49, RealAge puts me at 41.7 and I’m on a constant track to improve.  In reality, I’m getting younger every year!  LOL!

As many of you know, I’ve become a passionate walker over the past couple of years, and in this last year I’ve been researching nutrition, strength and flexibility.  My research has had me team up with a few amazing people to help me achieve my goals, and together with this team I’ve created a holistic health program called “Total Body Radiance” that includes walking, nutrition, strength and flexibility training, and also works on your mental, emotional, and spiritual health.  The goal is to train you over a period of 8 months to make easy but highly efficient shifts in your everyday lifestyle that will bring you permanent changes.  At the end of the 8 months everything will be in place so you’ll never have to count calories, pay gym fees, or worry about your health.  You will be doing everything you can to automatically live the healthiest lifestyle you’re capable of living.

For the next four weeks I’m going to be posting the first four lessons for free so you can check it out!

Here’s lesson one:

TBR banner (250 x 94)

Lesson 1

Welcome to Total Body Radiance! I’m so glad you’ve opted to join us, and it’s our goal to make this the most user-friendly, family friendly, efficient and effective health program on the market. Feel free to give us your feedback and suggestions and we’ll just keep improving this as we go along! For all questions, concerns or comments please send an e-mail to darlene@totalbodyradiance.com or (better yet) post them in the comments section of each week’s lesson – that way everyone benefits!

So, let’s jump right in, shall we?

Let me apologize for the length of this lesson and the amount of information. This is the hardest week of the whole program, and the only week it will be this complicated, but we’re trying to get everyone on the same page and set up in an organized fashion. Please just bear with us this week, and I promise the rest will be MUCH easier!

This week is sort of a “set up” week. I’m going to suggest that you spend 15 minutes a day tackling the to-do list below. If you’re easily overwhelmed, totally disorganized, and absolutely hate detail, do the following:

Checklist and Skim Method:

  1. Print off the Lesson 1 PDF
  2. Go right to the end of the lesson, read the checklist for the week’s activities. Skim the e-book for details on anything there you don’t fully understand.
  3. Print off and complete the Transformation Journal every day

“Go For it All” Method:

Day 1 (Today!)

  1. Watch the video
  2. Grab your calendar and schedule 15 minutes a day, every day for the next week.
  3. Now schedule an hour a week to set up each of the coming weeks – time to print, file, schedule, etc.
  4. Decide on a day at least 8 days from now when you will “kick off” this program. So, if you received your lesson today and today’s Tuesday, and you like to start new things on Saturday, schedule your next “set up hour” between Tuesday and Saturday of next week. That way, on Saturday you’re ready to go, with everything in place. Make your set up time the same time every week. You probably won’t need an hour to get it done, but just in case…

Day 2:

  1. Print off everything below and get them filed in a binder in some systematic way that makes sense to you and makes everything easy to find:
  2. The Radiance Questionnaire
    Weight/Measurement Chart
    Special Report: The Eight Traits of Emotional Hunger
    Total Body Radiance Lesson 1 E-Book
    Total Body Radiance Lesson 1 Transformation Journal

    If you’re going to buy your pedometer online, do that today (please read this before you purchase one).

Day 3

  1. Download the following mp3 recording and get it on your listening device. Try and listen to it as you go about your business today.
  2. Lesson 1 mp3 recording

Day 4

  1. Read through Lesson 1 (even if you listened to it all yesterday. This will solidify the information in your mind/memory and help you take stock of what you might have missed).
  2. Schedule your “Hunger Discovery Days (after your first “Start Date”, so if today is Tuesday and you want to really get this started on Saturday, schedule your days somewhere between this Saturday and next Saturday)
  3. Schedule the day you’re going to go shopping for your pedometer if you want to buy it in person (recommended, as you never know how long shipping will take).

Day 5

  1. Fill out your Radiance Questionnaire. This is a fairly long and detailed questionnaire, but no one will see it but you. Take time to do it well, but don’t agonize over your answers. You need to fill this out, seal it in an envelope with “month 1” written on the front, and then just keep it in your binder. I’ll tell you what to do with it later
  2. Set up what you need (pencil, chart, measuring tape) to take your measurements tomorrow morning first thing, after you use the toilet, before breakfast, no clothes on. Hang the chart where you’ll see it.

Day 6

  1. Work on your Life Transformation Group – Write up a list of who you’d like to invite for coffee, or connect with on a deeper level. Make sure you have their contact information, and set up some apppointments – either all of them together, or just one on one – for sometime next week. If you’re not great with people, here are two excellent resources to help you move forward in that area:

Now, let me give you a bit of an overview of the program itself so you’ll know what to expect. There are a number of people involved here.

The main driving force comes from my own program “PraiseWalking” which is a method of walking and meditation. I’ll show you how to use walking as a form of excellent fitness, as well as meditation. When you finish your daily walks you’ll feel focused, energized, and calm. I’ll also train you to walk in such a way that your body automatically burns fat instead of sugar to fuel your day so you’ll have MUCH more energy.

To this we have the privilege of adding the principles and recipes from “Plan-D: The Amazing Anti-Diet” specifically adapted to this program. Dee McCaffrey will train us to eat well using simple habits that will transform the way we think about food, jump start our metabolism, and boost our energy level. Her recipes and habits are designed with busy moms and picky kids in mind.

We also have a couple of guest appearances, people who have different areas of expertise that will enhance what you’ll be learning here. You’ll meet these people later.

Each week will give you one to three very small assignments. I can already tell you that you will be frustrated by the fact that the habits we are asking you to master are so small. You’re used to programs promising huge results in very little time, but if you remember what happens after those programs are over, you’ll also remember that it took too much will-power to keep them going, or they were too unhealthy to practice long-term, so you quit, stopped, gave up, and then gained the weight back.

This program is different. You receive tiny assignments that hopefully have you reacting with “That’s IT?!” but I promise that if you are faithful to turn each task into a habit, you’ll never diet again, and your fitness routine will be as natural as breathing. Each assignment comes with clear teaching so you really understand the “why” of it, and it will come with lots of ideas for creatively making that task a part of your every day life.

At the end of 8 months, you won’t need us anymore. You’ll be on your own, strong, fit, and with all the tools and motivation you’ll need to keep up the hard work without strenuous self-discipline or deprivation

What’s coming next week?

  1. Learn the best way to start your morning
  2. Understanding “Full”
  3. Tricks to keep yourself motivated

Also, in preparation for next week, please purchase a few lemons and a couple of extra ice-cube trays!

And that’s it for this week! Can’t wait for you to join us next week where we really get started!

Here’s to Total Body Radiance!

Darlene Hull

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* Any link with an asterisk (*) denotes an affiliate link or a source with some kind of payback for me.
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