Intentional Rest

Mar 23

Intentional Rest

WatertonLakesLife is so busy these days that you have to be intentional about rest. I know I’ve written about it before, but it needs to be repeated over and over again in this busy, frenetic society. My husband and I try and get away for a weekend alone every quarter or at a minimum, 3x a year. This is not to go sightseeing, or take some adventure trip, it’s to shut down, and reconnect.

Last November Tom and I went to Montana, and this past weekend we took a quick trip for the weekend to Waterton Lakes. This time of year is DEFINITELY off-season. The staff at our wonderful hotel outnumbered its guests – 3 staff for just Tom and I! Pretty cool! Tom and I took advantage of their “Romantic Getaway” Package (which was less than half the price of our honeymoon hotel TWENTY YEARS AGO and OH so much nicer!!) and were able to get it for two nights. Gorgeous suite, fabulous staff, incredibly quiet. Three hotels and one restaurant were the only things open (it was worth the drive just for the Bison Sweet Pepper Stew, by the way)! We were WELL outnumbered by the deer roaming freely throughout the town, almost tame enough to touch, as well!

The scenery is unbelievable. We took a walk up to the waterfall (though the path was pretty treacherous with fresh snow) and poked around Pincher Creek. On the way home we took in the “Head-Smashed-In-Buffalo-Jump” Interpretive Centre and the Nanton Lancaster Society Air Museum.

A restful, entertaining, delicious trip!

Didn’t get the walking in that I’d hoped for as the wind was literally trying to lift me off my feet and the paths, as mentioned, were treacherous, but it was worth trading the training for the deep rest!

Back to training today, though!

Try it! You’ll like it! 🙂


PS – don’t forget to check out the contest. No entries yet (sigh!) so your chances are great! 🙂

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