Where love and training DON'T mix…

Mar 08

Where love and training DON'T mix…

On Sunday I did my long walk with my best beloved.  He is my favourite person on the planet, but I realized that Sunday’s walk was not the best way to spend time together.

CouplesWalkingUnderstand me, here, I love to go walking with Tom – we don’t have to talk, I like just being with him.  Sunday’s walk was a real workout though – endurance, mostly, because it’s been ages since I’ve done a long, fast walk, and the first time takes a lot out of me.  We weren’t talking – which is fine on a meandering walk, but deadly for me on a training walk.  I just start to think of how tired I am, and how I want to be somewhere else.

So the new rule is: stroll with hubby, train with iPod.

Whew, I feel better getting that off my chest (don’t worry, I already told Tom, and he gets it – good man, that!)

Happy walking!


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