Final Frostbite Update

Feb 22

Final Frostbite Update

ToesA couple of weeks ago I developed frostbite on the toes of both feet during one of my longer walks.  I’ve been working hard to take care of my toes properly since that time, and hoping that the feeling will come back in most, if not all of them.

Well a friend of mine is in to Essential Oils and gave me some Helichrysum Italicum to massage into my toes to see if the feeling comes back.  The good news is that my toes – all except for the very tip of my left big toe – have their feeling back, and are functioning as normal.   The problem seems to be that the frostbite created a very thick layer of dead skin around the tips and bottom of my toes that wasn’t really visible – it looked completely normal.  The massaging removed that, and now all is well.


I still have to be careful in the future to not allow my feet to get cold, but my new “Post Frostbite Kit” seems to be keeping all the cold away completely.

Today I get to start back in to my full training program again.  This is a happy lady!


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