A kick in the butt.

Jan 18

A kick in the butt.

So I’m looking at my calendar.  I realize that if I’m going to do a great job on my 21k in May and the following marathon in June I have to get off my butt and take my training really seriously.

CBR002597For the past couple of months I’ve only been training about 3x a week, and that, only for an hour.  It’s better than nothing, but it’s not good enough.

The last week was spent attacking my “messes” with a vengeance.  Part of what causes me to be too busy to train properly is a disastrous mess in several areas of my house.  I have now caught up with the worst of it, tamed it into tidy submission, and can relax somewhat on that front.  I still have my big project which is more difficult to train, but even that one is working itself out nicely, it seems.  School is now organized for the next couple of months for the kidlets, and the household chores are getting done in a timely fashion.

Still, 1.5 and 2hour workouts are hard to fit in 4 days a week, and the 3 hour one on Sundays is also a challenge.  I need to get the mileage under my belt though, in order to be fit enough to achieve my goals for these next two races.

My proposed compromise is to alternate weeks.  I’m going to try doing my “correct” training every second week instead of every week.  That way I’m still getting considerable mileage, but every second week will give me just a little more time to catch up on what’s NOT being done in the heavy training weeks.  I’m thinking this will work.  The long Sunday walk I hope to make a standard feature of every week.  It’s a good way to get “reset” and focused for the new week while wrapping up what’s gone on before.  I’m trying to create more contemplative Sundays, anyway, so I think this will go a long way towards that.

Day of Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Week “A” 1.5 hour Intervals 1.5 hour aerobic Off – no training 2 hour intervals 2 hour aerobic 1 hour easy 3 hour walk
Week “B” 1 hour Intervals 1 hour aerobic Off – no training 1 hour Intervals 1 hour aerobic 1 hour easy 3 hourwalk

Having spent last week tidying, organizing, and setting things up, this will then be the week I do the “big train”.  We’ll see how it goes.

Happy Walking (even if it’s cold!)


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