Catching up

Jan 15

Well, walking has been sort of “off and on” as my days continue to be interrupted.  I’m working hard at not letting my “list” get in the way of “people” and this week has been extreme in that regard.  I usually get in 2-3 days of walking and then it all falls apart.

I’ve had major computer issues in addition to that this week, so today is being set aside (sans walking) to complete four thick file folders on my desk.  Gotta push through and get this done so I can spend the weekend getting my project up and running so it’s in place on Feb 1.  I know I promised it last month, but we’ve had very frustrating technical issues with this, so it hasn’t yet materialized.  Everything seems to be in place now, though, so I’m quite hopeful about this new deadline.  Keep watching for updates.

Although walking has been a bit sporadic, other “resolutions” are working well.  I’m up to Ephesians 1:11 in my memory work, I’ve kept up with the Bible reading according to the “Blended” plan, my house is still tidy (with huge appreciation sent towards my wonderful kids for their help in this regard) and I’m doing well with weight loss, so all is not lost.  Just gotta keep working with priorities, and hopefully by Monday we’ll be back on track with walking, too!

I wish you all a great day!  Don’t sweat the small stuff, and keep the first things first!


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