Today's Training

Jan 07

Today's Training


-25°C/-13°F outside today. Very happy for my good, warm, walking clothes! A beautiful sunny day with some clouds; brisk and fresh. I’m starting to like this – but my toes are still suffering. I’m pretty uncomfortable “toe-wise” in the warm up, but once I get going at my training HR, they thaw out, and are reasonably happy until the cool down. Sure would like those warmer Vibrams! They seem to be sold out world-wide, though.

Loving my Garmin, and now I’m checking out the TrainingPeaks site ( I’m having trouble getting my info to transfer from my Garmin to the site in spite of following the several excellent, clear, step-by-step videos. I’m sure I’ll figure it out sometime, but it’s not working today.

Anyway, I’m feeling pumped and energized, so I’m going to go and take advantage of that and get my housework done.

Have a great day, all!

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