Baby Steps

Dec 30

Baby Steps

Dscf1845_eI am a huge proponent of making changes through small steps rather than attempting huge life transformation all at once.  I get burned out easily, and so overwhelmed that failure is inevitable.

I was very encouraged this morning when I opened my e-mail and found this article from Prevention Magazine: Small Changes That Take Off Big Pounds

So, if you’re working on those resolutions for 2010, keep this in mind.  Set up a series of small, effective habits, and work your way into your new transformation slowly!

I’ve been working hard on something that will help you do just that.  We’ve had some technical glitches that are making this a little awkward, but I hope to give those of  you wanting weightloss/fitness/wellness for yourselves and your families this next year, some big news today.  Keep your eyes on this blog for further details.


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