Yesss! She's Walking!

Dec 29

Yesss!  She's Walking!


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Ok, the “big freeze” is over for now, the weather is very mild,  only -10˚C/14.2°F  (-17˚C/1˚F with windchill)  I still had to bundle up, but my face didn’t sting, and once I hit my top HR level my toes thawed, so that’s better than I’ve had so far!  🙂

I love being back outside.  Strangely enough, I really miss my walks when they don’t happen.  When I start my day with a walk I feel energized, focused, and centred.  It’s great!

I was also able to use my Forerunner properly this morning.  I will need to do some very minor tweaks to my training as the Forerunner stops recording once the time is up.  My walk is a little over 1 hour (depends on how my heart rate is doing) so I wasn’t able to get a complete measurement of the whole walk.  I was disappointed to see that the 5k walk I usually do isn’t quite 5k.  The 4.2 is a guesstimate as the last 5 minutes didn’t record the distance as the watch had stopped by then.

Still, I was happy to see how easy it is to use, and now I know what I need to do to keep it running until I’m done, which I’ll set up today.

Hopefully this will be the begining of a new CONSISTENT walking habit.  It’s been so long since I’ve been able to get out consistently that I’ve almost given up.  But not quite!

I’ll see you all back here tomorrow!


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