It's another Monday

Dec 28

It's another Monday

It’s another Monday.  I love Mondays.  I think right now I’m reacting to the lack of schedule and lists with an unusual burst of energy and focus that has caused me to spend the last couple of days in “deep cleaning” mode.  Those of you who know me know that this is a surprise indeed.

I’ve gotten the top floor cleaned and I even cleaned the carpets (not that they needed it…ahem…) I polished the main floor and got it all sparkling.  Yesterday my son and I attacked half the family room (it’s a long skinny room sort of divided into two halves) which was a challenge, indeed, and today I’m raring to go to attack the other side – which is positively scary.  I’ve been working very intensively on a major project, and have done next to no housework for the past month.  The mess has finally gotten to me (which is saying something!) and now I actually have the energy to attack it.  Wonders never cease!

With all the extra time on my hands that the holidays and missing husband have brought I’ve also been plowing through books that have been stacking up on my bedside table.  What a joy it is to have lots of extra time to read!  If you’re into books and are looking for something new, here are the ones I’ve covered so far:

bookStackLittle Keys Open Big Doors: Secrets to Experiencing Breakthrough in Every Area of Life This was a book recommended to me by my friend, hairdresser, and fellow musician Margaret Graham and it’s about living in victory but has none of the triteness of prosperity gospel or “name it and claim it”.  Good, balanced theology with great practical ideas.  I found it very helpful.

Supernatural Communication: How to Pray with Power and Authority I liked the first one so much I also began reading this one by the same author.  It’s all about setting up a prayer life you can live with and has lots of great ideas for praying with more creativity and power.  Good stuff.  Still working through this one.

Plan-D: The Amazing Anti-Diet That Will Change Your Life Forever I’m reading this one for my business.  This is a terrific book if you never want to diet again, but still need to get rid of that spare tire.  The author, Dee McCaffrey, is a chemist who lost almost half her body weight and kept it off now for almost 2 decades without dieting.  Very informative, very challenging.  Some of it is frightening.  I don’t think I’ll ever eat movie/microwave popcorn again!  Watch for more from Dee on this blog.

So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore I got this for my husband as he’s been struggling with the whole idea of Church these days.  Not so much with God and faith, just church.  It’s a novel that shares the struggles of a man who’s very involved in church as the assoc. pastor of a large and thriving one.  It’s an interesting and quick read.  It’s not a church bashing book, it’s a “how to live AS the church” encouraging and inspiring book.  It’s caused me to check out the author’s blog and do some more research.  Fascinating stuff, and I find myself shouting “YESSS!” at odd times while I’m reading/listening to his teaching.

Shattering Your Strongholds We have a lovely gentleman who comes and ministers to us regularly, helping us work through certain issues in our lives that are keeping us stuck.  He brought the workbook that accompanies this book to us on his last visit believing that it is the “next step” in our healing process.  It is wonderful.  She teaches a new way of looking at “binding and loosing” and how to bring deep healing in various areas of our lives.  Easy to follow, results seem to come quickly and we’re testing now to see if they’re permanent.  I liked this book so well I went on to finish the next one (below) and have begun the third one.  It really answers the question “so, that’s why I’m struggling so hard in this area!” and gives you tools to set yourself free from stuff that’s holding you back.  Absolutely great stuff .  So far, I recommend everything she’s written that I’ve read.  I now use her prayers when I walk.

Breaking the Power: Of Unmet Needs, Unhealed Hurts, Unresolved Issues in Your Life

The Unsurrendered Soul

Finally I’m reading THE ORPHANED ANYTHING’S: memoir of a lesser known which is a challenging book to say the least.  It’s written by one of the members of the band “Anberlin” and my daughter gave it to me to read.  It’s a fictional journal of a young man trying to figure out who he is and what he should be doing.  It has no capitalization, very poor grammar, mis-spelled words, odd sentence structure, and can be very disjointed.  On purpose.  I’m reading it because it’s important to my daughter that I do so.  After 6 chapters I’m finally catching the rhythm of the book, and getting into it.  The first several chapters were hard work, but I think I’m almost enjoying it now.  I’ll keep you posted.

So there’s a great reading list if you’re looking for something to do!  As for me, I need to get my butt off this chair and head out into my day.  That family room is calling…


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