Walking in a Winter Wonderland – well, almost!

Dec 21

Walking in a Winter Wonderland – well, almost!

IceI’ve had such a struggle with walking this winter. I convinced myself to go out today and brave the ice with my funky ice-pick straps that actually work with Vibrams (though only just – they are a bit finicky and need lots of readjusting, which is still better than cracking my head open on the sidewalk).

I checked the temperature (-12°C or 10°F) on our temp gauge at home but neglected to check the temp with the windchill (-18°C or 0°F w/wind). I dressed well for the -12, but not warm enough for the -18. Sigh. Gotta remember that for future.

I also forgot to charge my Forerunner, so I went “tech-less” today, which is also a good thing from time to time. I’m enjoying a great series of teaching on my iPod, so was encouraged while walking and felt inspired in spite of the cold.

I did have to cut the walk short, though. The toes was froze.

I’ll try and “get it right” tomorrow. No stress, though!

Happy Walking!


PS I’ve joined a challenge at Daily Mile.  Check it out – and join me!


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