I'm not gone, just hiding…

Dec 16

I'm not gone, just hiding…

BlizzardWow, it’s been a while since I posted!  Things have been nuts around here, and we’ve had a few weeks of disastrous weather that have made walking safely next to impossible.  I managed to get out a couple of times, but most of the time it was just too cold to be outside long enough to get a workout in.

I’ve not been idle, however!  I’ve been madly working behind the scenes with a nutritionist to get my own weight loss efforts back on track (25 lbs to go…) and in the meantime, the two of us have put together something that’s actually pretty amazing, which I’m hoping to share with you later today if I can get the technical glitches worked out.

I thought I’d also share an interview I did last week on walking and stress for Pattie Pilling (who, I discovered during the interview, lives right close to me!) of  Best Life Stress Management.  If you’re interested in listening in, you can access the interview here: Walking for Stress Management

I also thought I’d share a fun site I use to track my walks and keep up with others who are like-minded.  It’s called “Daily Mile“.  I post all my walks there, and have fun chatting with other fitness enthusiasts.  It’s become quite a community.  I’m going to start cross-posting my walking info here for you to see, as well.  Here’s today’s walk:

3.28 km / 00:42 12:56 pace

I’m finally walking! After a week of temperatures hovering around the -37˚ C with blizzards and deep snow, we finally have a gorgeous day of 0˚C and sunshine. Folks have very kindly cleaned off all the sidewalks, so I didn’t even need my ice-grips on my shoes.

Garmin305I got a Garmin Forerunner 305 for Christmas (husband’s off to Nepal for 3.5 weeks on Friday so we had it early) and tried it out today. I seem to have the wrong max HR programed in, so I need to fix that, but otherwise I was able to select “today” and the training program I programmed in there from my computer, and it cheerfully “beeped me through”. I LOVE technology when it works as promised.

It was kind of a “stop-and-go” sort of workout as I was playing with both the Garmin and the ice-grips (I didn’t know they were going to be unnecessary when I left the house) but it was just great to be walking again, and breathing in the crisp, fresh air. The brilliant sunshine was also great for my cabin-fevered soul.

K, that’s me all caught up!  Watch for “breaking news” later this afternoon (I hope!)  Otherwise, have a great day, and GET OUTSIDE!  It is SO worth it!


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